Red Wings Fans Making Excuses After Opener? Give Leafs Some Credit

Mitch. Mitchell.Correspondent IOctober 9, 2008

I just read an article on the Toronto Maple Leafs' season-opening 3-2 victory over defending Stanley Cup champion Detroit, the game I picked Toronto to win, 4-3.

The crying that I read was incredible:

"Detroit had a long wait during the (pregame) celebration."

"The emotions were this, the emotions were that."

All of the celebrations taking place while the lowly Leafs just stood back waiting for the game to get underway.

One would think if it bothered one team's play, it would have the same effect on the opposition.

Maybe Detroit should have had the flag-raising after they got snuffed.

I will still stand by my prediction of a month ago—"Leafs will finnish in eighth."

P.S.: Is Nik Antropov (he of zero shots Thursday) still playing for the Leafs?