Young Bullpen Should Have Something To Prove

cody grubbsContributor IOctober 9, 2008

The Bullpen the Cardinals weakest position could improve thanks to a handful of new relievers.
Players like Ron Villone, and Ryan Franklin, Jason Isringhausen , were some of the many aging relievers the cardinals had at the beginning of the 2008. But now thanks to a well built farm system and injury recovery's the bullpen I predict will be one of the Cardinal's big strengths in 2009. Players I say should be a large part of the success we could have next year.Players such as Josh Kinney, Chris Perez, Jason Motte, Kyle McClellan. these players each show great relieving potential McClellan was a main example I believe this as he had great success in 2007in Double A and had a fantastic first half of the season in the major in 2008. Kinney who has been with the cards has only pitch 32 total innings back to 2006 strangely still qualifies to be a rookie.  The cardinals also have a few young pitchers in the minor to take the wings as September call-ups in '09. The one reliever to come in and shut down the offense  I say is Jason Motte who is  a one pitch pitcher but he can throw so hard he can suceed with it. In Triple A  Motte in almost 63 IP stuck out 110 batters ( 15.71K's /9IP).Perez the number two rated prospect in the cardinals system in '08 is mentioned multiple time as the closer of the future for the cardinals hopefully he can have a big year and that future can be sooner.