Extreme Rules: A Night Where the IWC's Dreams May Come True

Kevin StonebargerCorrespondent IIApril 20, 2011

Extreme Rules is less than two weeks away, and four matches have been announced for the pay-per-view. It is labeled by WWE as the one night where WWE goes extreme, and aside from the tag team match, which I hope gets a stipulation added to it soon, every match has an extreme stipulation to it that promise one brutal night at Extreme Rules.

But on that night, not only will WWE go extreme, but also it may very well be the night that the IWC may celebrate for years to come, as their wishes may come true.

At Extreme Rules, two of the IWC's most cherished wrestlers will compete for the top two titles in the WWE. John Morrison will challenge the Miz along with John Cena for the WWE Title in a Triple Threat Steel Cage, and Christian will face Alberto Del Rio in a Ladder Match for the vacated World Heavyweight Championship.

It's no secret that both men are held in very high regards by the IWC.

John Morrison has captured our imaginations with his amazing high-flying skills and moveset. His wrestling skill is truly amazing, and he has wowed us and astonished us many times in the past, including recently with Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber.

He has put on many classic matches, such as the Ladder Match with Sheamus, and has been compared to Shawn Michaels. Not bad for a guy who started out on Tough Enough.

Christian is one of the last few guys left that has done so much for the business and yet has not won the Big One in the WWE. He helped revolutionize the Ladder Match and made TLC famous with Edge. He has been one of the greatest mid-carders of his generation, being a three-time IC champion as one of his accomplishments.

His wrestling and mic skills are damn good as well, and he deserves to have at least one World Title reign.

Of course, both of these have their detractors. Morrison is said that his lack of mic skills and his backstage problems will keep him back,  and that Christian is not main-event material and does not have the look and it is a mid-carder at best.

They may have faults, but that does not deny that both are very popular superstars, and that both have a very large Internet following within the IWC who are just dying for these two to get World Titles.

Yet, for years now, WWE has not done as such. Both men have had very little opportunities at the Big One in the WWE, forced to watch as their former partners, Miz and Edge, went on to become World Champions in the WWE.

Now you have to admit, that has to sting being the Marty Janetty of a group when you're so loved and popular, especially on the Internet.

But at Extreme Rules, that may all change.

Both men will get their shots at the WWE and World Heavyweight Titles on PPV, and I am a huge fan of both men and their in-ring work. I believe they both deserve World Titles as most do.

There's a good chance that one of these two men will become a World Champion in the WWE on that night, and I will treasure that moment if one of them does win it.

But if both men surprisingly win the World Titles, it will be a field day for the IWC as the Internet will explode in joyous celebration.

Yet there is all the chance that the WWE will stick it to us and neither man will walk out champion, and we will be sorely disappointed and seriously pissed off at such happenings.

Still, I intend to watch Extreme Rules for these two matches if nothing else, just to see if one or both of my favorite wrestlers can climb the top of the mountain.

What will happen at Extreme Rules? Will John Morrison and/or Christian finally win the Big One, or will WWE disappoint and anger us and leave both high and dry?

No matter what, I will pay attention to the results of Extreme Rules, and hopefully see my dreams and wishes come true.