Adam "Pacman" Jones' To-Do List

Auguste ArcherCorrespondent IOctober 9, 2008

Ten things Adam "Don't call me Pacman" Jones will do before the end of the season:

1. Beat Tony Romo with Terrel Owens while screaming "I HATE PRIMA DONNAS!!!!"

2. Kick Jerry Jones once for every dollar spent on the Cowboys new stadium.

3. Kill someone assigned to protect him.

4. Punch an opposing wide receiver during or after a play.

5. Clean up his act using stolen cleaning supplies.

6. Cause Roger Goodell to have an aneurysm.

7. Hammer throw a fan.

8. Break the NFL's consecutive suspension record.

9. Party down with Felix Jones.

10. Sign a huge contract with the Cowboys through 2010.

And, although this didn't make the list, he'll probably also have lost the respect of every football fan on the planet, too. Come on, man, you're a heck of an athlete, don't waste it!