Chris Johnson Needs Nickname

Nik SanbornContributor IOctober 9, 2008

You can't call him Johnson, that's far too common.

You can't call him Chris for the same reason.

And nobody wants to say Chris Johnson every time they mention him.

It's about time someone got this man a nickname.

Every other "Johnson" in the National Football League of any talent either has a nickname or a recognizable enough first name to avoid confusion of any kind. Ocho Cinco, Megatron, LJ, Rudy, Tank, and Andre the Giant all found their way to escape the conformity of their common last name, and the last member of the Johnson clan, Bryant, isn't talked about nearly enough to warrant one.

But now that Chris Johnson has proven that he is a talent worth talking about, we need to find a way to make the Tennessee Titans rusher's name quicker and easier to say.

CJ has been suggested, but it can get confusing with Calvin and former-Johnson Chad sharing the same initials.  No other nickname suggested so far has been any good. So I've decided to let you select it. Follow these simple steps to become a part of NFL history.

1. Post a comment with your suggested nickname.

2. Check back later to see the winner.

3. Use the winning nickname every time you mention Chris Johnson.

4. When people ask who you're talking about, act like they're an idiot because they don't know who it is. Nobody wants to look like an idiot, so they'll start using it too.

Remember, one lucky fan may become a part of NFL history, so put in your suggestions now!