Liverpool FC Is the Only Lover for Me

Ayanle AliContributor IOctober 9, 2008

I'll be straight-up, here—Liverpool FC is the love of my life, and many people don't really understand why; rather, how someone can love a team at all.

"It's just a sport; why go so crazy over a sport?" is what they say, because the idea of football or (soccer) here in Canada is really just a pastime or hobby to the majority, but there are the few such as myself and others that are die-hard fans.

I remember back in Saudi Arabia, were I was born and raised for 15 years of my life, people there really loved football, though there were not a lot of Liverpool fans. They all loved Manchester United, but it didn't matter, because at least we could talk bout football.

Here in Canada, I literally dream of the day were I can find a Liverpool supporter as passionate as me...whose ring tone is the holy music of YNWA ringing through the Anfield grounds as it stretches from the Kop straight into my soul.

Seeing Steven Gerrard waving his hands in the air as Mellor nods the ball down to him, he does what he does, not make me completely go insane in joy and break my remote as I bring anarchy over everything in my way when Liverpool score, he took that ball and sent it into the bottom left of the net and sent me and millions of fans into DELIRIUM!...

I'll end my article (or sad excuse for an article, rather)'s my first one, and I'll hopefully write another one soon...