NFL Schedule 2011: Bold Picks and Predictions for Top 2011 NFL Showdowns

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NFL Schedule 2011: Bold Picks and Predictions for Top 2011 NFL Showdowns
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The 2011 NFL schedule will be officially released tonight at 7:00 PM on the NFL Network. The full schedule for the upcoming NFL season will be cause for much speculation.

For instance, why are we even talking about this when there is so much uncertainty surrounding the 2011 NFL season?

I never understood why football fans get so excited about the release of the upcoming season's NFL schedule anyway. We already know all 16 opponents of all 32 teams. We just don't know when they will play each team.

Sure, I look forward to finding out which game I will be watching while consuming a week's worth of food on Thanksgiving Day. I'm always curious to know who I will be watching beat up the Detroit Lions before dinner, and who I will fall asleep watching the Dallas Cowboys play after eating at a time that only the elderly can empathize with around 4:00 PM.

I also wonder about some of the Monday Night Football matchups that start way too late and affect my fantasy football lineup—the games I will only get to read about and watch the highlights of the next day. That is always fun.

But aside from that, I never understood why the release of the NFL schedule is such a big deal. I am just as big of a football fan as anyone out there, but admittedly, I'm a bit upset with the league right now. They shouldn't even be receiving all of this attention with the lockout. We should strike as well, and then let them see where they would be as far as finances.

But that will never happen, so you might as well stay tuned for predictions on the new schedule and what matchups should happen and on what date.

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