WWE RAW Rocking: Truth Is, R-Truth Ain't Just Blowin' Smoke Anymore

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIApril 19, 2011

If you saw the opening to Monday Night RAW, you were in for a shocker from London, England. In a very surprising move, RAW opened with R-Truth talking. He was out to celebrate his big win last week, er, big tie with John Cena.

Truth lasted through three other men to become co-No. 1 Contender for the WWE Championship with John Cena, and many were shocked to see this.

It had many questioning, Truth in the main event at Extreme Rules? Really? Why?

It's not that Truth never deserved the main event, it's just that every other man in that match was built up to be in the main event, and the one guy that wasn't got put in? It had many fans calling foul, and rightfully so.

John Morrison came out to get Truth hot and heavy enough to put his No. 1 Contendership on the line against him. He talked about Truth's history with smoking and being out of shape. He said just about anything to get Truth to face him for that No. 1 Contender spot.

Morrison ended up winning the match.

This caused Truth to snap, and beat down John Morrison post-match.

Everything from the promo to the end seemed strange and never before done in WWE. I've never seen the WWE have any sort of promotion or talks involving cigarettes. No drugs have ever really been mentioned on WWE TV, especially done on the show.

Now, some are saying, but Joe, a cigarette isn't a hard drug or anything, so what's the big deal?

Truth has fans, kids among them. Even with Truth going heel, for him to light one up and smoke it on TV was kind of over the line to me.

I get why WWE did it, as it goes back to a heel Ron Killings we saw in NWA/TNA. But, Truth could have gone heel in another way. He attacked Morrison, and that worked great for him.

But not only are you using that character as a smoker, you're putting that on Truth's personal life. He could never quit smoking if that's his character and one WWE feels works for him.

You're risking his life on that, even if he does smoke on his own terms outside WWE.

Smoking kills many people, and second hand smoke is worse. So, people in the arena are sucking up that crap, risking their life too.

Again, Truth smoking on his own terms is his own stupidity he has to deal with. But, to make him do it on TV is wrong to me. It promotes the use of it, even with Truth being a heel. And for WWE, a PG company, to do it has to be the dumbest thing I've ever seen. Then you have Truth risking his life every time he lights one up.

At this point WWE, you're responsible for any damage Truth does to his lungs as long as he smokes on TV. Personally, you could tell him all day it's bad, and he has to stop on his terms. But WWE using Truth's character that way is dumb to me, idiotic at best.

If this is a one off thing WWE did to turn Truth heel, then at least Truth won't be forced to smoke by WWE, and I could back off of their case a little.

But even the one off idea was dumb because of the fact that it exposed people in the arena to second hand smoke. You weren't outside WWE!! You're in an arena where smoke and other air can go throughout the area and stay there.

Business wise, if people in the front row wanted to sue, they'd have a legit case. There is a reason that when you go into an arena, it says "NO SMOKING".

It's pretty much understood universally that smoking is bad for you. Even the so-called e-cigarettes claiming to be better for you, are still bad for you. Sorry technology, smoking will never be safe to do.

Truth doing this is dumb on his part, but for WWE to promote it with his character is even dumber. Creative wise, I see why they did it. It was a good way to get Truth over as a heel. But, there are many ways to do this. Simply having the attack on Morrison was good enough to get him over, seeing as Morrison a popular face character.

Now to the idea of Truth being heel. Personally, I think it's a brilliant idea creatively to use him as a heel. As I mentioned earlier, he had great success in NWA/TNA as a heel character, even become NWA/TNA World Heavyweight Champion twice as a result of how good he was as a heel.

I think WWE is banking on Truth being as good as he was back then for them today. It makes me think that Truth will easily go to SmackDown in the WWE Draft next week, and possibly be joined by John Morrison. They were on SmackDown last year, then WWE did a draft and put them on RAW where both have been lost in the shuffle.

SmackDown basically has no heels other than Alberto Del Rio and The Corre. Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntrye are getting there, but are still young and probably would be better going after secondary title for a little while.

A guy like Truth has been known to be a main event heel when asked, on top of that he has the skill in the ring. Add that to experience level above all others SmackDown currently has, and you have a marque name to use.

Truth doesn't have a lot of years left in him, at the age of 39, he is already older than most on WWE's roster. So, if WWE wants to get anything out of him, it needs to be ASAP. I think they realize that, which is why they are using him as a heel. He has been nothing but great in his WWE career and has done anything asked of him.

So with that said, he does deserve a main event run or two.

Sure, he may be a former TNA name, but he was a WWE name first. He left WWE at the time he wasn't going anywhere. K-Kwick, as he used to be called, teamed up with Road Dogg and DX for a little while, then was basically a mainstay on Jakked, a show similar to WWE Superstars.

He went to an up and coming TNA which was involved with NWA at the time. He had a nice run with them, then came back to WWE in 2008.

Lets keep in mind Christian, who is now a two time ECW Champion since coming back, along with Jeff Hardy who won numerous titles, including three World Titles, also went to TNA for a little while.

I don't think Vince McMahon held them back as much as he could have. He even allowed Truth to be US Champion for a little while. Sure, it was transitional, but he did have a run with it.

Truth  has all the skills to be a main event player in WWE as a heel, he just has to be built up to be believable in that role. I feel the attack on Morrison was the start of that.

But what do you think?

Is Truth a main event waiting to happen? And what did you think of his smoking on RAW?


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