Joseph Benavidez: 'I Don't Want to Fight [Urijah Faber] at All'

marcos villegasContributor IApril 19, 2011

I am sure we have all wondered what it would be like to walk down the hallway, to push aside the black curtain and enter a stadium with thousands of screaming fans.

You walk down the aisle, your song being drowned out by screams and chants, some for you and some against.

At the end of your walk you are greeted by the referee and get some Vaseline slapped on your face. Your next steps are only a few, but they are the few steps that lead you from civilian to warrior and through the cage door.

Your feet hit the canvas and at this point you know it’s on. Okay, maybe you haven’t had this dream but fight fans live it everyday.

The real question is, does this change anything when you walk through the curtain at a WEC event compared to a UFC event…Well who better to ask then Alpha Team member Joseph Benavidez?

We had a chance to catch up to Joseph Benavidez and talk with him about the change from the WEC to the UFC.

He reflects on his UFC 128 debut against Ian Loveland and what he took away from the win. We also found out that Urijah Faber and Benavidez shared a locker room at the event and both were equally excited for each other.

Which in fact lead us into talking about a potential Benavidez vs. Faber scrap and how it could be something that could come up later.

Benavidez is absolutely clear that he would never fight Faber and that he is hoping for a 125-pound division to open up, in which he desires to win a title in a different division.

Of course, we could not leave out bringing up the current feud between Faber and Cruz as well.

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