WWE Draft 2011: Analyzing the Results of the Draft

Jacob WaringAnalyst IIIApril 26, 2011

The 2011 WWE Draft was like a recently road-killed raccoon dressed like it was hors d'oeuvre to be served before the main course. To be frank, the draft more or less didn't change the landscape of the so called WWE Universe. I'll basically dissect the draft picks like I would do to a frog and analyze it with morbid curiosity.

The draft picks were made by the titantron randomly picking a wrestler to be drafted. It's the same ol' routine that we've been subjected too for years, but at least we got to see wrestlers from both brands in the back sitting together. Though I will admit that the draft was better paced at being a two hour show, instead of the typical three hours of strung out draft drama. It'll be interesting to see how the ratings were in contrast to the three hour shows of the past

Now I'll put on my thinking cap and work my brain cells to the max while I analyze each draft pick in the order that they were drafted with the exception of the first draft pick:

Draft Pick No. 1 and No. 8: John Cena

When John Cena first was drafted to Smackdown, I finally thought the creative team grew some balls of steel and decided to start things off with a bang. They are putting John Cena—the WWE's cash cow—on Smackdown, thus taking the face of the company off the flagship show. I was happy, as it would give wrestlers on Raw a chance to shine when they might not have if John Cena remained on the show. I also was curious to see how the ratings would be effect on both brands as it would be nice to see Smackdown's ratings go up and Raw to stay as it is or at least go down a bit. New and thrilling feuds for Cena awaited us all on the blue brand.

Well I guess some jerk must have castrated the steel balls that the creative team grew, as Cena was drafted to Raw at the end of the show. It was a missed opportunity and I was pissed for the fact that they decided to draft him to Smackdown just to surprise us all but then to only draft him back to Raw.

One other thing that bother me was the Smackdown wrestlers basically all cheerful that Cena was drafted to their brand. If I was a mid-card wrestler, I would be a bit miffed. With Cena now on Smackdown, I would have less of a chance at the World Title with Edge retired and the Undertaker nursing his wounds. It would be a good time to go after the belt. It just does not seem realistic to be all cheerful for Cena to be drafted to Smackdown if your a Smackdown wrestler.

Draft Pick No. 2: Rey Mysterio

Here we have a wrestler who is at the tail end of his career and will most likely retire in the next five years...IF he does not sustain a bad injury. The last time Mysterio was drafted to Raw, he was lost in the shuffle of things. Let's face it, Mysterio is not a big draft pick for Raw, and him being drafted to Raw makes it possible for a certain other masked wrestler to join Mysterio's old brand.

Draft Pick No. 3: Randy Orton

The voices in my head are telling me that this was a smart move to have Orton drafted to Smackdown as he'll fill the role being the face of Smackdown now that Edge is retired and 'Taker is well...taking one of his long breaks again. This will also give Orton some breathing room away from both the fruity pebble and The Awesome One.

Orton needs this—he can become a bigger star by being the face of Smackdown while Cena holds the fort on the Raw side of things. It'd be nice to also see him feud with Christian for the title as that'll be new and refreshing.

Draft Pick No. 4: Mark Henry

Not much worth left in Henry as he is nearing the time of retirement. He is no longer a contender for any title besides for the tag-team belts if he can find someone to tag with. I see his role as pushing the young stars and working feuds with them. I'm happy he's a heel again as he is a lovable giant, but can be dull and boring at times.

Draft Pick No. 5: Sin Cara

Alright, so basically Raw and Smackdown traded their masked wrestlers. This is a beneficial move for Cara as he can be on a taped show where they could edit his botches, because its hurting him in the long term. Smackdown is more on the wrestling side of things, so it's the right place to get used to the WWE system.

Draft Pick No. 6: Big Show

I find it annoying that the creative team is trading wrestlers with similar styles and placement on the card which does not really change things up much. Big Show being on Raw means he can work both the mid-card and main event, as he'll be able to push stars and feud for the title if things get stale.

Big Show is a tag team champion which means he'll bring his big red buddy Kane along to Raw. This is most likely the reason of drafting Show, as it'll have him and Kane on both shows.

Draft Pick No. 7: Alberto Del Rio

This is a good move because Del Rio needs to be on Raw in case Mysterio gets hurt, because then the WWE will not have to worry about losing the hispanic demographic. In reality, I'm unsure if this is the right move for Del Rio because if he does not win at Extreme Rules then he might get stuck in the mid-card which is worse then being stuck in the Cole Mine with Michael Cole.

Now if Del Rio being drafted to Raw does not mean Christian will be the new world champion, Raw could have two world champions, which could lead to a storyline of both titles being unified. With Del Rio now on Raw, it'll make his match with Christian much more thrilling.

Overall thoughts:

The WWE Draft was boring as we all knew Orton and Cara would be drafted to Smackdown. John Cena being drafted to Smackdown was great, until we found out he'll be drafted back to Raw which pissed me off—it did nothing but keep people watching just to see what happens next. They should have been daring.

It was lazy to swap the two big men and masked wrestlers as the draft picks could have been more diversified. Hopefully the supplemental draft chooses wrestlers that will shake up the brand rosters. It just felt like the creative team was playing it safe. The draft will only be a failure if the story lines are bore, and that those drafted somehow end up back to their previous for whatever stupid reason!