Mugs Only a Mother Could Love: Ranking the 10 Ugliest Players in Hockey

Mark Della Posta@markdellapostaContributor IIIApril 19, 2011

Mugs Only a Mother Could Love: Ranking the 10 Ugliest Players in Hockey

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    Hockey players aren't exactly known for their dashing good looks. The game simply just doesn't allow for it.

    Between the elbows, slashes, high sticks, fights and the 160 km/h rock flying all over the ice, it's easy to understand why hockey players don't usually grace the cover of People Magazine.

    No matter how good you may look going in, a few years in the NHL will make you age in all the wrong ways.

    The following is a compilation of faces in the game that only a mother could love...and maybe a few exceptions to the rule.

Jaroslav Halak

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    Jaroslav Halak constantly looks like he hasn't slept in over a week. His eyes tend to remind you of a cross between an insomniac and someone who had a few too many last night.

    The Blues goaltender sports a Jay Leno Chin, a rapidly receding hairline and a set of chops that just demands oral surgery.

    The mask may be what initially attracted Halak to the goaltending position as a youngster.

Brent Sopel

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    His greasy hair is nothing short of marvelous.

    He has an almost perfectly square jaw and a forehead that goes on forever.

    He sort of reminds you of that shady guy in the bar who's trying to pick up women with absolutely wicked one-liners. Just picture him with a fake leather jacket and wraparound sunglasses and you'll know what I mean.

Bobby Holik

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    It is the greatest unibrow in professional sports, bar none.

    Holik's eye brow just gives off that menacing vibe that surely must have freaked out a lot of girls as he was growing up.

    Luckily for him, he's got that NHL paycheck to fall back on.

Jeremy Roenick

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    Jeremy Roenick's face is one that's taken a beating over the years.

    His lip is permanently swollen, and his nose is slightly off balance. In this picture he even looks a little malnourished.

    He's got enough battle scars to tell stories for the rest of his life, and judging by his big mouth, he surely won't hesitate.

Gino Odjick

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    Gino Odjick is the clown that scared your kid at his fourth birthday.

    Odjick has had his share of fights in his career, and it shows.

    He's missing most of his teeth, and his ears flop out like they're trying to pick up radio waves.

    Hockey has definitely not been kind to Mr. Odjick.

Bobby Clarke

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    If I told you that Bobby Clarke started out his career as a good looking young kid, you probably wouldn't believe me.

    Clarke put himself through hell and back for his team over the years, and it showed by the time the Flyers won the cup.

    That gap between his teeth is simply the stuff of legends.

Dan Carcillo

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    Dan Carcillo is the type of guy that fathers tell their daughters to stay away from.

    The mustache only adds to the gap in his teeth and that giant schnoz. 

    Add about 50 years to that picture and Carcillo looks like the crazy old man sitting on his front porch, in his underwear, throwing rocks at kids.

Alex Ovechkin

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    When people say Alex Ovechkin has a nose for the net, they mean it literally.

    As he skates up the left side of the rink, his nose points directly at goal.

    Combine that with his yee-haw teeth and his mangy beard and you've got an awful hockey player. Curiously, the bobble head doll doesn't have nearly as many identifiable features as the real Ovechkin.

Ken Daneyko

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    Ken Daneyko (in the middle) was an absolute warrior. Unfortunately, he paid the price for his many years of service in the New Jersey Devils organization.

    He often had that crazy look in his eye, and it would only get worse once the playoffs came around.

    That beard makes him look like a crazy person living in the Florida wetlands who's ready to wrestle an alligator with his bare hands.

Mike Ricci

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    Donald Miralle/Getty Images

    Who else but Mike Ricci?

    When it comes to ugly mugs, Mike Ricci has it all.

    He has the missing teeth, the greasy hair, the pointy nose and the mangled appearance that only comes with a long and difficult career in the national hockey league.

    Mike Ricci may just be the ugliest athlete in all of professional sports, and that's saying a lot when you consider the men who come out of boxing and MMA.

    Ricci may just have the face that even a mother can't help but look away from.