Will Bad Economy Hurt WrestleMania's 25th Anniversary?

jason savageCorrespondent IOctober 9, 2008

WrestleMania XXV tickets go on sale November 8th for the April 5, 2009 event but with the economy, not just here in the U.S., but worldwide on shaky ground will it have an effect on attendance?

A sell out would be approximately 75,000-80,000 depending on how the staging, ring, etc. are situated. Last years event drew over 74,000 to Orlando from all 50 states, all the Canadian provinces, and 22 countries internationally.

Ticket prices may be key...this year they range from $755 to $40. If sales are bad will the venue change? In 1991 WrestleMania VII was to take place at the L.A. Coliseum in front of over 100,000 however due to slow ticket sales and security concerns over the first Gulf War the event was moved to the much smaller L.A. Sports Arena which held ONLY 16,158.

Two of the factors that will help or hurt attendance outside of the economy are in the hands of the WWE...The quality of the storylines/card and how they plan to celebrate the events 25th anniversary. "Blasts from the past" will be a bonus in my view and not just for the Hall of Fame!

Wouldn't it be great to see all the living main eventers in WrestleMania history together on one stage for one night? Hogan, Piper, Orndorf, Mr. T, Bundy, Savage, Warrior, Slaughter, Sid, Bret Hart, Deisel/Nash, Michaels, Austin, The Rock, Undertaker, etc.

Only time will tell but as we head into possibly even tougher economic times WWE has always been a good way to escape reality for a few hours.