Serena Williams Spotted in Cheetah Bikini on Miami Beach

Justin Tate@justindavidtateCorrespondent IApril 19, 2011

Serena Williams Spotted in Cheetah Bikini on Miami Beach

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    29-year-old Tennis star Serena Williams was photographed having fun on the beach—Daily Mail released a few photos of her day.

    She's cheerfully sporting a pink strapless bra and she can be seen pulling up from time to time, as well as a cheetah bikini bottom that accentuates her beautiful bounteous behind.

    Many questioned how long would Williams' career be placed on hold as a result of her foot injuries but Williams herself cannot be held down.

    She has tweeted a photo of herself heading back to practicing on the tennis court in a sexy bodysuit.

    Now photos of her rocking a Cheetah and pink bikini on the Miami beach appear.

    She can be seen splashing in water with friends, drinking Gatorade and overall enjoying life.

    The following pages include nine other photos of the tennis superstar.

Williams Rocking out with the Waves

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    Yes Ms. Williams, you do rock.

Gatorade Does a Body Good

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    I mysteriously want to buy Gatorade now.

Williams Basks in Sun

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    Williams struts confidently in her own skin amongst the waters.

Williams Receives Surprise Splashing

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    Apparently, Williams is not immune to being thoroughly and unexpectedly splashed.

Williams Rocks with Her Security

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    You can look boy but you better rock from afar or her security will rock you.

Williams Has Fun with Arms Wide Open

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    My, my.

    What else can you say?

Williams Has Fun in the Wind

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    As the breeze blows her hair, her body blows us away.

Williams Walks the Beach with Friend

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    Both Williams and her friend rock nice bikinis but I think her friend's white bikini bottom with the chain takes the cake over Williams' cheetah bottom.

Serena Williams' Friend's Booty Is No Competition

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    While her friend may rock the slightly better bikini bottom, her ACTUAL bottom can't compete with the buxom booty of Serena Williams.