WWE 2011 Draft Preview: Predictions, Shockers, a Rush to Save SmackDown

Micheal Robinson@nyyrobinsonSenior Analyst IIApril 19, 2011

WWE 2011 Draft Preview: Predictions, Shockers, a Rush to Save SmackDown

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    The ninth WWE Draft has been officially announced for Monday Night Raw in Raleigh, North Carolina on April 25.

    This move by WWE has some saying it is a bit rushed due to Edge's retirement from the WWE and lack of stars on SmackDown.

    To WWE's credit, the past two drafts were also held in April, so I am not that shocked that it has been announced.

    I normally am not excited about the draft, but I actually welcome this draft.

    Two years ago, I attended the WWE Draft in Atlanta, Georgia in the Philips Arena, and it wasn't anything special.

    I fully expect WWE to make some big roster moves here and stock up SmackDown a bit.

    Heading into the summer, this would be a good chance to end some long-standing rivalries, as well as start some new ones to freshen things up a bit.

    Let's take a look at a few Superstars who I think will be on the move, along with a few shockers as well.

Randy Orton to SmackDown

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    I fully expect WWE's Apex Predator Randy Orton to go back to a place he is familiar with, SmackDown.

    This could possibly set up a nice rivalry with Alberto Del Rio and may bring him back to the title that started it all for him, the World Heavyweight Championship.

    What better way to help Smackdown's ratings by bringing in one of WWE's fan favorites in Orton.

    Some people may have a few issues with this, as Orton and CM Punk could be facing each other at Extreme Rules.

    Honestly, I don't think that should affect a potential move to Smackdown for Orton.

Sin Cara to SmackDown

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    This year's WWE Draft would be a good chance to place Sin Cara on SmackDown with fellow masked wrestler Rey Mysterio.

    I would like to see these two go at it, and it would be interesting to see Sin Cara on the same show as another Mexican-born wrestler, Alberto Del Rio.

    I thought about Rey Mysterio going back to Raw, where he was two years prior, but I figured a Sin Cara move made more since.

    Hey, this way, they could edit the footage of Sin Cara's faulty entrances.

Alex Riley to SmackDown

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    This would be the end of The Miz having a tag-along sidekick, thank goodness.

    Riley standing in The Miz's shadow and often helping him succeed, takes away from The Miz's credibility.

    We all know that The Miz is plenty annoying without having someone like Riley by his side, I think its time to take the second-rate Riley to the second-rate show, SmackDown.

Drew McIntyre to Raw

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    It is time for the chosen one to be pushed to the next level, and that is live television on Monday Night Raw.

    I foresee McIntyre as the winner of one of the Money In The Bank briefcases this year, and I think he would have a better shot of achieving that on Raw, if he can get through John Morrison.

    If Christian stays on SmackDown, and I believe he will, you got to think he would be the winner of the SmackDown briefcase.

    I would love for McIntyre to go for the WWE Championship later this year, I think he has it in him. 

Michelle McCool to Raw

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    With the duo LayCool nearing the end of its ropes, why not send a top Diva to Raw in Michelle McCool.

    I do think one of the Raw Diva's will be heading to SmackDown, and I will get to that on the next slide.

One of the Bellas to SmackDown

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    It would be the end of The Bella Twins' antics once and for all, as well as one of the biggest split-ups we have seen.

    I suspect either Brie or Nikki to be headed to SmackDown.

Draft Shocker: Anonymous GM to SmackDown

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    We have noticed in recent years that no one is safe at the WWE Draft, and the mysterious Raw General Manager isn't going to be an exception.

    While the constant alerts have long ran its course on Raw, I don't think WWE is ready to reveal who the GM is, if they ever will for that matter.

    However, I think it could help add a twist to Smackdown.

    I can see them on Raw next week, taking the Raw logo off of the laptop and replacing it with a SmackDown one.