Broncos Will Trample Jaguars

Carlos HillContributor IOctober 9, 2008

Denver is favored over Jacksonville by approximately 4pts. Furthermore, most Americans (nearly 2/3) anticipate the Broncos defeating the Jaguars this weekend.

Jay Cutler is has been performing well throughout the entire season. However, there is always room for improvement. He's a good quarterback with the potential to be great. Every game is a challenge, and every game he meets that challenge. Now, there have been setbacks - like the ball slipping out of his hand while playing the Saints.

The Denver offense has numerous weapons. Although Brandon Marshal has become the favored receiver, all backs are capable of being play-makers. All must bring their A-game this weekend (which they should do every game anyways) because Jacksonville continues to be a top tier defense in the league. Also, one cannot underestimate the jaguars or hold Jacksonville's record against them, for they received their 3 losses from respectable teams.

Denver's victory will depend more upon defense than offense. The jaguars are an 'old-school' team that tries to establish the run before passing. Their running backs have the yards and the skill to give Denver a 'run' for their money. WHEN the Broncos stop the run, Denver will be on the road to victory.

Finally, let us not forget that Denver has home field advantage at Mile High Stadium!