Extreme Rules: Will Christian Win the World Heavyweight Championship?

William SmithContributor IIIApril 18, 2011

Photo: WWE.com
Photo: WWE.com

Since last Friday's episode of Smackdown, one of the hottest WWE topics being discussed right now is the Ladder Match for the vacated World Heavyweight Championship at Extreme Rules and who is going to walk out as champion for the first time in their career. There have been good cases made for both performers as to why they could and should be the next World Heavyweight Champion on May 1st, but when it's all said and done, who will be holding up the big gold belt?

There are many who believe that it will indeed be Christian.

As most pro wrestling fans are probably aware, Christian has gained quite the following over the years, particularly with the Internet wrestling community. These "IWC" fans constantly clamor for Christian to finally be pushed to the main event and, eventually, win a world championship. If we're being honest, these fans worship the very ground that Christian walks on. They're obsessed with the idea of Christian getting his big chance and care about almost nothing else when it comes to WWE—and with good reason.

See, Christian is indeed extremely talented. You only need watch the guy perform one time to see how special he is. First of all, his charisma is off the charts. He's not called "Captain Charisma" for nothing. Christian has a tremendous presence, no matter what role he is playing. If he's a face, he can be a very likable guy and can easily get the crowd behind him. If he's a heel, he has no problem getting heat through his cocky promos and his "Creepy Little Bastard" personality. Plain and simple, Christian knows how to work a crowd and no matter what alignment he's given, there will be always be a great amount of "peeps" who support him through thick and thin.

Next, Christian's skills on the mic are incredible and likely only rivaled by guys like Chris Jericho and CM Punk. Whether he's insulting someone or making an awful, awful rap extremely entertaining, Christian can deliver when he's given the stick. This is an absolute must to be a top star in WWE. Even if you're not the greatest in-ring performer, if you can cut good promos, you can make it to the top off of that skill alone. But that brings me to my next point.

Christian CAN deliver in the ring, making himself the total package. You know every time Christian gets in the ring, he'll turn in a good performance in victory or defeat. He has the ability to get whoever he is facing over and get the crowd invested in the match. Christian's time on ECW displayed this perfectly, as he was turning in great matches with guys like Jack Swagger, Tommy Dreamer, William Regal, Zack Ryder and Yoshi Tatsu week after week after week.

With Christian's talents, it's not hard to see why he's got such a good resume and tenure in WWE. He is somebody that WWE can always depend on when needed and is one of their top veterans. I don't usually like to deal in rumor, but it's said that Vince McMahon sees Christian as a "good hand", and I'd say that's likely true. And it's Christian's status as a "good hand" that landed him in this match with Del Rio. He was needed and called to action.

But now that's he in the match, the big question that everyone is asking is—will he win?

You could argue either for or against Christian and have valid points. On one end, Christian has been used pretty well since his return in February. He's been consistently involved in the main feud on Smackdown and he's had multiple victories over Alberto Del Rio, the Royal Rumble winner and the man that seems to be WWE's next huge star. Being back with Edge gave him a chance to kind of step into the spotlight again, it seems, and he didn't always seem to just be Edge's sidekick. Perhaps, all of Christian's hard work has paid off and with Edge's retirement being the biggest deal in WWE at the current moment and Smackdown desperately needing a new top face, Christian is finally going to win the big one. He's always been a guy who could easily step into the main event scene at any time.

However, on the other end, the situation with Smackdown not having a top face is easily rectified during the 2011 WWE Draft, which will take place on April 25th and the shock of Edge's retirement will be wearing down by the time Extreme Rules rolls around on May 1st. Not only that, Del Rio has long been planned to win the title and probably would have at WrestleMania had it not been for Edge's situation. It's more than likely that Del Rio's "destiny" was just delayed until Extreme Rules and whether it was going to be Edge or Christian, Del Rio was always going to win at that event.

Perhaps most telling is the heat and credibility that Del Rio would gain with a victory. To finally defeat the man who has been able to defeat him a few times over the last months, a man who wrestling fans will be firmly behind due to both his popularity and Edge's retirement, would get him back some of the credibility and heat he lost over the last couple of months. Adding even more credibility is that the Ladder Match is a specialty match of Christian's.

The Verdict

Alberto Del Rio will win the World Heavyweight Championship. It's not entirely impossible that Christian will someday win the big one (especially after how quickly Kane jumped back into the main event in the middle of last year), but it won't happen on May 1st. WWE has been bound and determined to make Del Rio a big deal and this is the perfect opportunity to do that and cement him as the top heel on Smackdown.

There's no doubt that Christian winning and perhaps celebrating with Edge to close the show would be a great moment in WWE history. However, we've witnessed the WWE "youth movement" kicking into gear over the last few months and that movement will take precedence over Christian getting his moment and winning the world title.