WWE Extreme Rules: Who Will Win? Alberto Del Rio vs. Christian

James PinchesContributor IApril 18, 2011

Hi guys, I'm back!

Apologies for the disappearance for a month or so; I have had a LOT of university assignments. But now I have returned to speculate about all that is WWE (not World Wrestling Entertainment, as it was in my last article!)

So for my first article in a while, I turn my attention to the vacant World Heavyweight Championship. The matchup is between the villainous Alberto Del Rio and fan-favorite Christian.

I know the IWC is very keen on Christian and as Edge's best friend, it is only right he is in the match, although I am not sure he will win it.

Christian would seem to have everything going for him to be a world champion, except his physique. He seems a bit scrawny for a wrestler, especially compared to Alberto Del Rio. I am however a big fan of Christian, and do believe apart from his size, he has great mic skills, technical ability and he is well liked by the fans.

Alberto Del Rio on the other hand is a great draw and I genuinely thought he would walk away from WrestleMania as the World Heavyweight Champion. Although that was not his destiny then, maybe Edge's forced retirement made this Alberto Del Rio's destiny.

Alberto Del Rio has great ability in the ring, has a great look about him and has great charisma, which gets right up the back of the WWE universe's fans.

Personally for me, this one is Alberto Del Rio's to win. The match itself has the potential to be a great one. With Christian's experience in ladder matches, it will be a great watch and very worthy of a PPV. But for the good of the company, and to have a long-term champion on Smackdown to bring some credibility back to the belts, after Dolph Zigglers "reign", it has to be Alberto's.

I also don't think he will win cleanly, with the big bruiser Brodus Clay having a part to play. Even laying out Christian for Alberto Del Rio to win, or another possibility could be Brodus turning on Alberto Del Rio for Christian to pick up the victory.

If Christian was to win, I cannot see the title reign lasting very long and it being only to pay homage to Edge's great career.

I'd love to hear your guy's thoughts on what could happen, who you would like to win and why!