Fantasy Baseball Pickups of the Week

Ryan Neiman@RyanNAnthony Contributor IIIApril 18, 2011

BALTIMORE, MD - APRIL 06:  Alex Avila #13 of the Detroit Tigers hits a single in the eighth inning against the Baltimore Orioles at Oriole Park at Camden Yards on April 6, 2011 in Baltimore, Maryland. The Tigers won the game 7-3.  (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
Greg Fiume/Getty Images

"I told you so," repeated my brother yet again as I beamed a glare that could kill in his direction.

I rolled my eyes at him as I quietly muttered to myself, "Lucky guess."

Perhaps it was an excellent, educated guess by my brother, but he has been telling me for weeks what his beliefs were. But like so many other people in my position, I just let my ignorance take over my mind.

Everybody hates it when someone exclaims those four, however so, powerful words.

My whole body cringes at the possibility that someone has to utter those words to me. 

There is nothing I can do to counter an, "I told you so."

It's the absolute worst feeling of being embarrassed by someone who told you they had the exact answer you needed, but you thought you had the better solution.

If there ever was a time where a person can gloat in your face, this was the ideal time for them to do so.

My brother took full advantage of this predicament.

I thought it would last a day or two, but my brother wanted to embed my brain with this moment so I would never forget.

He wanted to make sure the pain would last forever as weeks passed, and weeks turned into months.

Eventually, the torture of my brother's gloating eventually halted.

My life was back to normalcy, and I able to forget about what my brother was annoying me with in the first place.

My mind was at ease.

However, my moment of clarity was quickly disturbed when my brother peered over my shoulder and interrupted my thoughts for this article.  He whispered in my ear, "You remember when I told you to add Buster Posey last year in fantasy baseball?  You remember when you did not, and you allowed me to pick him up?  You remember when I beat you in the championship game because of a Buster Posey home run?  Do you remember when I told you so?"

I try not to remember.

My brother wants to me remember.

My head is starting to hurt.

Here are the pickups of the week. e Don't end up like me ignoring a person's advice, because it may end up with a person holding megaphone to your ear screaming, "I told you so!"


Jonny Gomes, Cincinnati Reds, OF

Gomes has been on fire in the last seven days, belting four home runs and driving in four.  His line for the season thus far is six home runs with 14 RBI.  With many of the elite outfielders struggling to begin the season, Gomes could be a great fill-in for the week—especially being in the lineup with Joey Votto and Jay Bruce, who will constantly give Gomes chances to drive in some runs.

Mitchell Boggs, St. Louis Cardinals, RP

Another Ryan Franklin blown save can possibly pave the road for Boggs to become the eventual closer for the Cardinals.  Boggs should be picked up immediately by the owners that are looking to replace Joe Nathan, who was just demoted from his closing job. Boggs continues to dominate hitters, and has already struck out 12 batters in just nine innings pitched.

Alex Avila, Detroit Tigers, C

For those who are searching for a catcher to put into your lineup while Joe Mauer is on the disabled list, Avila is probably your best bet.  He has great plate discipline, and has shown exceptional power with three home runs so far this season.  The only knock on Avila is that he will sit against left-handed pitchers.  Also, he will be losing playing time because of the presence of Victor Martinez.

Charlie Morton, Pittsburgh Pirates, SP

I will barely recommend a player from the Pirates, and I will almost never suggest adding a pitcher from the Pirates.  It's simple math: They are the Pittsburgh Pirates.  When was the last time there was a pitcher your trusted on the Pirates? 

With that being said, I would try to enjoy Charlie Morton's success while it lasts.  I'm convinced he has a couple more starts where he will not falter.  He guided the Pirates to a 6-1 victory over the Cincinnati Reds Friday by pitching a complete game and giving up just one run on five hits.      


Players Mentioned Last Week Who are Still Available

  • Jeff Francoeur, Kansas City Royals, OF
  • Freddy Sanchez, San Francisco Giants, 2B
  • Alberto Callaspo, Los Angeles Angles of Anaheim, 2B/3B
  • Justin Masterson, Cleveland Indians, SP
  • Derek Holland, Texas Rangers, SP


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