Pack Your Bags Pac Man!

Matt SchaeferCorrespondent IOctober 9, 2008

Adam "Pac Man" Jones has found himself in trouble once again.  The corner-back was just reinstated back into the league in late August, yet he can't just follow the rules. 

Early Wednesday morning, Jones got into a fight with one of his security guards at a downtown Dallas hotel.  Police responded at 1:30 a.m. Charges were not pressed, and no one was arrested.

Basically, the story is that Pac Man was at a movie premier that included rapper Ludacris.  There was a fight. Jones reportedly left without paying his bill and damaged hotel property.  It was also reported that alcohol was involved.

A source told ESPN that NFL Security has been notified and is investigating the situation.

This is getting ridiculous!  Why is this guy still in the league?

Let's take a look at what he said right after he finally got back into the league:

"I know my responsibilities to the NFL and I'm going to hold my own and do what I need to do to make sure I stay where I am right now, which is reinstated. I work hard every day to make sure I don't make the same mistakes. Can I say I would never ever make the same mistakes? No, I can't say that. I'll make sure I put myself in way better situations than I have put myself in the past."

Really?  Because you haven't done anything to try to change your ways.  You are a disgrace to your team and the entire league.  While the normal person is working their ass off to make ends meet, you have been blessed with outstanding skills and you have just wasted it! 

You also make a lot more than any of us will ever see. After you signed a deal to make $13.3 million over the next four years, all you have to do is follow the law.  Who would've thought that would be so hard for one guy?  You are not above the law, and as soon as you get that through your thick head, maybe just maybe you can actually turn your life around. 

Jones should be suspended from the league for the rest of his career.  He finally got back into the NFL and not even two months into the season he is already getting into more trouble.  This guy is bad news.  Jones has had over eight off-the-field incidents and been arrested six times since 2005 when he was drafted. 

From guns, to 'making it rain,' to fights, Jones has done it all.  His actions have left many people hurt, including a guy who will be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

Jones is a punk and a waste of talent and should not been in the league anymore.  Trouble finds this guy at all time no matter who is watching him or who he tries to work with. 

He has not changed one bit and it is only a matter of time before someone else gets seriously hurt due to his dumb actions.  If he was just one of us on the street, he would have been put behind bars along time ago. 

Let's go Roger!  Do the right thing and get this guy out of the league for good!