OK State: Good, Bad and Sleezy

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OK State: Good, Bad and Sleezy
What an ass beating Nebraska took, 52-17. I have not seen any thing that lopsided since Jim Ross gets written into the WWE storyline. Nebraska was said to play dirty. Well, in a rivalry game, things get a little dirty. Cheap shots, late hits, helmet to helmet. These things happen. Sure, spitting on someone is a bit much and that person should be suspended for a few games to grow up. Now we move on to Okie State. The time to celebrate is over and we have to move on from the douchehuskers. Welcome to the Good, Bad and Sleezy.

Good: Mizzou is kicking ass!!! #3 in the nation and with a big win here a chance to move to #1. Of course that depends on OU losing to Texas and Alabama being on a bye. It is a good thing we are playing this game in Columbia. Mizzou needs a big win at home on its resume, and beating a ranked undefeated team will help. Plus this is another prime time game for Mizzou. It's a chance for the nation to see Mizzou is legit.

Bad: Okie State is not a push over. They haven't lost a game yet and are ranked #17. Big Head called them the dark horse out of the South. They have about the same stats as Mizzou. Their points for/against are almost identical. It is almost as if Mizzou is playing with itself....wait what did I just say??? Plus their coach is a man!!!
Sleezy: The city of Stillwater is shit. The whole town revolves around the university. There are lots of bars and clubs around the university but beyond that...nothing. I love me some cowgirls. Here are a few cowgirls to gaze upon. They aren't the FSU cowgirls, but still, I'd hit it.

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