NHL Power Rankings: The Top 10 All-Time Worst Coaches Haircuts

Adam OdekirkContributor IIApril 18, 2011

NHL Power Rankings: The Top 10 All-Time Worst Coaches Haircuts

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    Whether it is sported on the head or on the face, hair is important to hockey. From mullets to playoff beards, the appearance of some of the brightest stars in the games history are more memorable then anything else.

    Leading the pack is the man behind the bench whose hair style is not restricted by the helmet (not that helmets were a problem for the players many years ago either.) Therefore here is a list of the ten worst coaching coifs in NHL history.

    Remember though, one mans "worst" is another mans AWESOME!

Toe Blake

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    Ever wonder why Toe was always seen behind the bench with his trademark fedora?

    Because he was hiding the awesome flat top that became less flattering later in life. Seriously, you could drop the puck and have a face-off on top of that head.

Bernie Geoffrion

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    Looking more like an aging mobster with a perm than a hockey coach, Bernie "Boom Boom" Geoffrion was sporting the natural curls by the time he became a coach.

    It take a man to rock the curls and nobody accused Bernie of being any less.

Scotty Bowman

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    As a young man Scotty could be seen with a part so perfect you'd almost believe that if you swiped your credit card across it he would process your transaction for you. Of course later in life Scotty would become famous for the cul de sac look.

Wayne Gretzky

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    Wayne has got kind of a modified mullet here. The back seems to still be flowing to straight back to the 80s but the top just appears to be a hastily laid down welcome mat.

Fred Shero

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    This look was so good that they decided to memorialize it in a watercolor painting. Not only does Shero have a few waves of grey and black rolling towards his forehead (or is it away from it?) but he has the perfectly manscaped chops to match.

Mike Keenan

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    Nobody wore male pattern baldness like Coach Keenan. He always had a few wispy hairs in the middle that never gave up and he tried to instill that same mentality into his players.

Roger Neilson

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    Some guys are just born with it and Roger Neilson fits that bill. The man had thick, luxurious hair and when the puck went into the bench and couldn't be found it was likely that it was lost somewhere in Neilson's 'do.

Herb Brooks

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    Herbie, we love you and miss you and I really believe that when Donald Trump saw your hair in the early 80s, he negotiated the purchase of it and still wears it to this day. That is the type of hair that just seems to remain in place at all times.

Marc Crawford

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    Marc Crawford has been the NHL version of Pat Riley for some time now. We should all look forward to the slicked back salt and pepper of Crawford's mane growing grayer but just as slick as always...assuming Marc can find a job next year.

Barry Melrose

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    It has been reigned in since its days behind the bench but whenever anyone thinks "hockey hair" they still think Melrose. It's the gold standard and if you look closely at the picture above, the mullet is still peeking out from behind Barry's ears to see if you are still looking.