TNA Madness, Round 4: Vote in 32-Card Stud Tournament

Charlie GSenior Writer IApril 22, 2011

Hot off the heels of TNA Lockdown, Round 4 of the TNA Madness 32-Card Stud Tournament.

What a show it was. Mickie James made history, Max Buck and Ink Inc are number one contenders, Sting retained and AJ Styles is back!

Let's get started with Round 4!

Hulk Hogan Bracket vs. Dixie Carter Bracket:

(No. 1) Sting vs. (No. 1) AJ Styles

Eric Bischoff Bracket vs. Ric Flair Bracket:

(No. 2) Daniels vs. (No. 2) Kurt Angle

***Voting ends next Thursday at 8:30 pm. Be sure to vote! Next week are the finals, the week following results will be posted.***