WWE's Rendezvous with the Real Deal: Tantrum for Wrestling? Come IWC Let's Play

Iam D Real Deal yoSenior Writer IApril 26, 2011

Da Soul Touchaz, The Osirian Portal, Sinn Bodhi, The Batiri, The Spectral Envoy, Kenny Omega, Eddie Edwards, Roderick Strong!

For those of you, (and I am sure you are in the minority) who got what I wrote above, Cheers! For those of you who did not, well, these are the couple of names of Actual wrestlers, Tag Teams etc. who wrestle for the various Independent Promotions like CHIKARA, Ring Of Honor etc.

It is a well-known fact that the various Independent promotions, be it Ring Of Honor, Pro Wrestling Eve, All Stars Wrestling of Florida, are the best form of pro wrestling available.

Another well-known fact which can't be debated is that, out of all these promotions/companies etc., WWE has the maximum number of followers underneath its umbrella. To every fan, this might seem pretty obvious. But, this does open a window for my analysis.

I agree that WWE is an established company, but come to think of it, a crowd attendance of 72,000-plus as opposed to just a mere 200 in the Indy circuit, can't be based on a company's status alone. 

While watching the Draft unfold past night whilst reading the views/rants of people on my twitter, one thing really hit me, the nomenclature of the IWC, has been done WRONG!

The truth be told, the fans who follow wrestling across the internet i.e. those who share their ideas on b/r, those who write for the Dirt Sheets, are not TRUE wrestling fans, well the majority in my opinion are not. All of them, myself included are just the most passionate fans.

With the foundation for my article laid, here is my analysis of the majority of the fans, who follow wrestling across the internet; Most of us, are BIASED.

Sounds oddly unsettling right? Well, sit back and enjoy the ride.

This year, the fans were shell shocked to see The Rock make his much anticipated return to the WWE. While a few fans, myself included were not delighted to the tee, the majority were glad to see him return. From what I saw, The Rock is the most Liked/Popular man amongst the Internet Wrestling Community. 

He has his fare share of detractors but he has the most fans. Now, here is a question; Is he the BEST wrestler in the last 10-12 years? As much, as people will hate to accept it, he isn't.

Honestly speaking, I see Daniel Bryan as a better Wrestler, (just wrestler, not entertainer) than The Rock. If that is the case, then shouldn't we have celebrated Daniel Bryan's return/debut to the WWE more than The Rock's comeback? The Pure Wrestling Lovers would, but the IWC did not.

Here is another question. Would the IWC watch Daniel Bryan wrestle a match or would they see The Rock's return speech, where he calls out John Cena? The answer is pretty obvious, people would rather see Rocky than Daniel Bryan. But is that something which the TRUE Wrestling Lovers would do? Answer: No.

Moving further, one man that the IWC loves a lot, is Shawn Michaels. Now, I have seen him wrestle ever since I started watching in 2002, and I have to admit, he is certainly one of the best I have seen in the ring.

With that said, another man who catches my eye, when it comes to in ring skills is, Kurt Angle.

Now, I am not a fan of comparisons, but after seeing their match at WrestleMania 21 and seeing them both perform individually, I have came to conclude that, Kurt Angle is a better in ring performer compared to Shawn Michaels.

But you see, in the IWC, Shawn Michaels is more loved and when ever we see lists of top wrestlers, Michaels is always ahead of Kurt Angle.

My analysis leads me to think that, Angle is more of a technical veteran, whereas Shawn Michaels, was an entertainer, a crowd-pleaser whilst being a good wrestler the same time.

The result? Shawn Michaels, who is better entertainer and not a better wrestler as compared to Kurt is far more loved, where as Kurt's name is forgotten by many.

Moving further, I would like to draw your attention to, Zack Ryder. Now, while his youtube videos have not made the entire world his fan, many people, myself included have started liking him.

Now, here is a question; Where was this love a few months ago? Did Zack Ryder wrestle a 5-star match at WrestleMania? No, he didn't. In fact, he barely gets to wrestle.

The truth being, we have all started considering the, "broski culture" cool only after seeing his YouTube videos. But you see, we have not become his fans based on his wrestling skills, we have become his fans, based on the charisma he has displayed and based on his ability to entertain.

One thing to notice here is that, his videos on Youtube, did not involve any wrestling. So how can we call ourselves true wrestling fans? We started marking out, based on entertainment skills only.

This pretty much explains the curious cases of Randy Orton and John Cena as well. I will discuss the latter in a bit, but for now, let us focus our attention on Randy Orton.

Around an year ago, when Randy Orton made a face turn, he was, the most loved in the IWC. It is safe to say that, he was the IWC's Golden Boy. But with an year having passed, I have to ask a question, where did that Love Go? Did Randy became less of an in ring athlete? No. Did he change his move set? No, he did the same routine moves.

It seems boggling at first, but the reason why the love for him faded was because; A) He was not able to carry the momentum he had gained and B) His promos, off stage activities became bland, yes I am agreeing with the majority here.

With that said, how do mic skills translate into good of bad wrestling? There two things are different. The reason why Orton stopped getting all the love was because, people started disliking his character, which has nothing to do with Wresting in the true sense.

One point, which people will make here is that, CM Punk, who is the current golden boy of the IWC, certainly is, the best wrestler or maybe second best when it comes to wrestling alone.

I agree, this does come off as a valid counter to my analysis, but I digress.

If you look at CM Punk's career, last year was not his best. He got injured a couple of times, had to do away with his Straight Edge Society, wrestle whilst still not 100 percent physically fit as well.

This sudden love for CM Punk emerged somewhere around last year, when the WWE teased a feud between him and Cena.

Now, with all that said, I have to say, that CM Punk's, best wrestling days were back when he was main eventing on SmackDown. And even in his most recent run, he has not had a great match, as opposed to many back in 2009-2010.

So come to think of it, people should have liked him more, back then, as opposed to now, when he is not wrestling.

I would even go on and say that, he has wrestled more as a face, as a heel. But people started loving him more, once he turned heel. Again, being face or heel does not make you any better or less impressive in the ring. But still, the IWC's reactions did just that.

With all that said, I have to make my case about the various gimmicks and persona's these wrestlers have.

I am of the belief that, we fans, like or dislike a particular wrestler based on what his/her gimmick is and not based on his wrestling skills alone.

Lets look at this way. Some of us love John Cena as a superman and some of us hate him. My question, how do we know, that our and only our analysis is correct and only our hate or love is justified?

I mean, why is it that some love the Superman and some don't? The answer is pretty obvious, Those who love his superman persona, don't have a problem with what he endorses whereas those who don't like his superman persona, definitely dislike/don't like what he endorses.

The thing is, all human beings are different, have different likes and dislikes based on our own thoughts and ideas.

We also know that back in 2005, when he was still portraying in his rapping days, he was loved by the internet as well.

We can draw comparisons between his two gimmicks all we want, but the truth be told, these character did not have much to do with his in ring skills. It was the IWC, which, just could not warm up to his character, for which I don't blame them, everyone can't like everything. 

Look at Alberto Del Rio for instance. I was high on him when he debuted, became indifferent to him later on and gradually started disliking him.

But I do know that he is a great wrestler, I just felt that he was doing the same stuff he did.

And I am not the only one here. I have seen many people experience the same thing, based on a wrestlers gimmick change alone.

The person who portrays The Undertaker is a very talented worker. I for one, have started finding him stale of late, to the point that, I have become indifferent of his appearances. And I know that I share this view with many. But then also, this has nothing to do with wrestling either, it is just the gimmick which we are growing tired off, not the wrestling.

Look at The Miz, the current WWE Champion. He did get the IWC buzzing when he won the title, and in the past four months, he has gained many fans. I will be honest here, I always was a Miz fan, in the recent months, I have started becoming a bigger fan of his, but I have to admit, I am not too high on his wrestling skills.

With due respect to him and his fans, after seeing his match with Randy Orton at the Royal Rumble, I can safely conclude that, he is not a good wrestler, not a good wrestler by a mile.

But, one thing which I have noticed is, in the past four months, the support he has got from people here at bleacher report, has increased as well.

All of this however, had NOTHING to do with wrestling. And yet, the Internet Wrestling Community is referred to as a group of fans who know their wrestling.

No! All of us are not pure wrestling purists, only a few of us care to watch the Indy's which are filled with Wrestling rather than watch a John Cena and Rock confrontation, which involves NO wrestling, what so ever.

So come to think of it, this tantrum for wrestling, is just an over exaggeration of the popular opinion and nothing else.

As far as the WWE goes, they are just branching out, it is too soon to tell, but just because they are getting a name change, does not mean that, in ring action will be banned and the ring will be replaced with a stage for talent shows.

Wrestling is, was and always will be a part of it, we are just going through a change.

With that, I conclude another edition of, Rendezvous with the Real Deal, stay tuned for the article which will stem from it, and remember, "To Bring It, because OUR Time is Now."

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