TNA Lockdown Predictions: GSM's Picks, Preview and Potential for Each Match

Graham GSM Matthews@@WrestleRantFeatured ColumnistApril 17, 2011

TNA Lockdown Predictions: GSM's Picks, Preview and Potential for Each Match

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    TNA Lockdown

    Tonight, TNA presents one its big three pay-per-views, TNA Lockdown, from the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio. The concept of the show is similar to WWE Survivor Series, but instead every match is contested inside the Steel Cage.

    Lockdown will include many emotional, dramatic, and heavily-hyped contests that will have the potential to steal the show. In this article, I will analyze each match on the card with its preview, my predicted victors, and its chances of playing out as a worthy bout.

    On a side note, it is rare I write articles on TNA Wrestling, so feel free to correct me where I'm wrong and stay open-minded.

    Will the show be able to surpass the last few lackluster TNA pay-per-views of 2011? Will it set the bar for future events for the Nashville-based organization? Will it be a memorable or forgettable event?

    Get ready for these questions to be answered among many more, so here we go!

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Xscape Match

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    X-Division Xscape Match


    The match will feature Amazing Red, Brian Kendrick, Chris Sabin, Jay Lethal, Jeremy Buck, Max Buck, Robbie E, and Suicide.

    To be honest, I was not unaware of this match until I searched the card over Wiki, so this obviously indicates this contest was just announced via their website after not being hyped on television.



    None of these men are featured on Impact on a consistent basis, so it's difficult to decipher a winner among these X-Division wrestlers. I do not expect Amazing Red, Lethal, Kendrick, or Sabin to go over here due to their current meaningless positions.

    Both of the Bucks are involved in a feud, but still neither are worthy to leave the victor. With Suicide's return and Robbie E having at least some current credibility, I pick either of the two to pick up the victory.



    Obviously, any X-Division match contested in TNA almost guarantees it will be a candidate for Match of the Night.

    However, due to its lack of hype, it may only become a meaningless victory that will do nothing for any wrestler involved, and only occurring to include them all on the card.

    The match will also involve a brotherly blood rivalry between the Bucks, so look for that to play a major role in the match. Nonetheless, I do expect for this match to do nothing less than impress. 

Four Way Tornado Tag Steel Cage Match

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    Four Way Tornado Tag Team Steel Cage Match


    The teams include Jesse Neal and Shannon Moore of Ink Inc, Orlando Jordan and Eric Young, Crimson and Scott Steiner, and Douglas Williams and Magnus of the British Invasion. The match has received some hype on the last few editions of Impact, teasing a heel turn of Shannon Moore while disrespecting Scott Steiner.

    Jordan and Young will play the comedy filler team here, but I'm more anxious to see the reformation of British Invasion than anything.

    Although this match won't determine the #1 Contenders to the tag titles, it should put the victors in the championship picture.



    Jordan and Young have no reason to win, but I expect at least some solid action from them. Ink Inc received a title shot last month, but its highly likely they could pick up the win using dirty tactics from the turning Moore.

    Crimson and Steiner are new to the tag team division, so they aren't quite yet ready to become a major stable. My money is on the returning British Invasion to emerge victorious and challenge Beer Money to an anticipated title match soon.



    I know for a fact both Ink Inc and British Invasion can work, so expect some awesome aerial maneuvers from both teams. Young and Jordan are decent in the ring to carry the match, and Crimson and Steiner have good enough chemistry to present us with something acceptable. 

Madison Rayne vs. Mickie James (Title vs. Hair)

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    Mickie James vs. Madison Rayne


    This feud has been boiling since Mickie's arrival in TNA in October, and has finally met its breaking point with their third and presumably final match over the championship.

    Their promos leading up to the event, excluding the motorcycle "accident," have played out nicely and given me newer reasons to carry about this contest.

    Given that Mickie has yet to win her first TNA Knockouts Championship with her hair also on the line, this should add more emotion and meaning to the match as well as the Steel Cage surrounding the ring.



    With Rayne retaining her title successfully in their past two bouts against Mickie at Genesis in January and Against All Odds in February, it makes sense for James to emerge victorious with revenge in hand. With Mickie's beautiful locks on the line as well, I do not expect to see them shaved off without any real focus on them.

    Also, don't count out Tara in this equation. Expect her to play a major role in costing Rayne the title.



    As seen in their two previous matches, Mickie James and Madison Rayne have excellent chemistry and are two of the best in their division in TNA today. Mickie's past experience in a Steel Cage Match should help putting Rayne over big time.

Matt Morgan vs. Hernandez

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    Hernandez vs. Matt Morgan


    In a rivalry that began a few months at Against All Odds, it originally dates back to early last year when the two were tag team champions together, before Matt Morgan brutally injured his partner Hernandez and forced him to relinquish the gold.

    Hernandez would return that summer, ironically defeating Morgan in a Steel Cage Match.

    In another long absence from television, Hernandez would return to TNA in February aligning with Immortal to take out Morgan. Hernandez would go on to defeat Morgan in a First Blood Match last month at Victory Road.



    Hernandez and his group of Mexican America have become a force to be reckon with in recent weeks, dominating enemy Matt Morgan at every turn. Usually in these cases, the face bounces back with the ultimate victory when it matters most, with the face here being Matt Morgan.



    I haven't been very high on Hernandez as of late due to his lacking mic skills and his risky style of wrestling, but he was able to put on a decent match the athletic Matt Morgan at Victory Road.

    Despite the Steel Cage stipulation, I will still expect the Mexican American alliance to interfere on the behalf of Hernandez. 

Samoa Joe vs. D'Angelo Dinero

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    D'Angelo Dinero vs. Samoa Joe


    In what has seemed to be one of the most boring feuds currently running in TNA, Samoa Joe and D'Angelo Dinero's talent has certainly been wasted by continuing to run this rivalry to the grave.

    It was nothing really special from the start, and the entire basis of their promos over the last three months with the spying, lying, and masked men is utterly ridiculous and hard to watch, especially for TNA.

    The slow heel turn by Dinero has not lived up to my liking, and throwing two men into a random feud who desperately need wins is disappointing.



    Dinero has gotten the best of Joe over the last few weeks, which leads me to think Joe comes out victorious tonight. I, unfortunately, see Samoa Joe's superhero sidekick, whatever his name is (Okato - ED.), to lead the Samoan Submission Machine to victory with revenge from ringside.

    Hopefully, this will be the final time we see this two compete for a good while, and both move on to more credible rivalries in championship pictures.


    From the two prior singles matches they've had, I could say they put on a decent match. Both are obviously tremendous wrestlers, but their chemistry doesn't click with me for some reason.

    With the added Steel Cage stipulation, Joe and Dinero will be able to wrestle to their maximum ability. 

Immortal vs. Fortune (Lethal Lockdown)

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    Immortal vs. Fortune


    These two stables have a long history together as a part of Immortal, but began feuding when Fortune broke apart from the mega faction on February 3. Since then, Fortune's face turn has resulted in huge success in becoming one of the most over acts in the company.

    However, the tension took a dramatic turn on the Impact following Victory Road when Bully Ray, a new addition to Immortal, incapacitated AJ Styles by power bombing the Fortune leader through a table off the stage.

    His close friend, Christopher Daniels, would make his anticipated return to the company and replace Styles to take the fourth spot in the Lethal Lockdown Match.



    The victory here could go either way. Fortune has been on strong roll of victories in the last few months on pay-per-view, but has been booked to look weak going to Lockdown after being destroyed by Immortal on Impact.

    Immortal needs this win in order to look like a legitimate threat in TNA, so I predict them to leave victorious and continue the on going rivalry.



    It's a damn fact that each and every participant in this match can work which will provide some interesting chemistry between the two teams. Hell, Flair still has some fight left in him to put on a good match.

    Matt Hardy should provide most of the spots for Immortal, while Abyss and Bully Ray will display their domination. After seeing what Fortune can do inside the Lethal Lockdown from Bound for Glory, I'm anxious to see what they can pull off now with the addition of Daniels. 

Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett (Ultra Male Rules, Two-out-of-Three Falls)

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    Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle


    The Angle-Jarrett feud has been done in TNA more times than I can count, but no feud between the two has become more personal than it is right now.

    Since last year's Bound for Glory, bad blood began the grow between the two following Jarrett throwing Angle head-first into the stage, effectively removing Angle from television for a near three months.

    The rivalry finally came to fruition at Genesis in January, where they competed in a MMA Exhibition Match, but went to a No Contest following dirty tactics used by Jarrett.

    A rematch was made for the following month at Against All Odds, with Jarrett emerged victorious and, due to the stipulation, forced nemesis Kurt Angle to walk him down the aisle in the renewing of their wedding vows with Karen Jarrett.

    Obviously, the Olympic Gold Medalist crashed the party and challenged the King of the Mountain to a match at tonight's Lockdown to settle the score once and for all.



    The newly added stipulation states the match will be contested under Ultra Male Rules, a Two-out-of-Three Count Falls Match. The first fall must be won by pinfall, the second by submission, and the final third, if necessary, by escaping the cage.

    This new heel persona by Jeff Jarrett has made this feud much simultaneously more humorous and dramatic than expected. The addition of Karen Jarrett has made for good television and has quickly become one of my favorite rivalries in TNA.

    Double J has gotten the edge in this feud most for the part, leading me to believe the heroic Kurt Angle will finally earn vengeance.



    I was fortunate enough to view their two previous bouts at Genesis and Against All Odds, and both were able to keep me on the edge of my seat. Their long history and excellent chemistry adds suspense to the match with every close pin-fall and submission they endure.

    Needless to say, this heavily hyped contest has huge potential to steal the show. As two of the top workers in the company, I'm looking forward to this as my personal favorite match of the night. 

Sting vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Rob Van Dam (TNA World Heavyweight Championship)

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    Mr. Anderson vs. Sting vs. Rob Van Dam


    Bad blood between Rob Van Dam and Mr. Anderson began to boil at last month's Victory Road, where the two fought to a no contest in a match to determine the #1 Contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. On the same night, Sting would successfully defend his World title against Jeff Hardy in a 90-second match.

    Over the past few Impacts, Anderson would become more a Stone Cold Steve Austin-like character, fighting against both faces and heels all in favor for himself.

    His new persona would make enemies of Rob Van Dam and Sting, who would both get their revenge on Anderson for abandoning them in a Steel Cage Match a few weeks ago.



    This will be Anderson's first title shot since losing the championship back to Jeff Hardy at Against All Odds, and his hunt for the title has been nothing short of selfish.

    Rob Van Dam's role in the match was forgotten on this past Impact, watching from the back as Sting stood over a fatigued Anderson as the show closed.

    Speculation shows Rob Van Dam will play a major role in the outcome of the match, possibly rewriting history and joining Immortal in a similar fashion that Jeff Hardy did at Bound For Glory.

    However, the title has changed hands too much recently, and giving the title to either Van Dam or Anderson now will give the championship a less prestigious feel.

    I predict for Sting to retain the title tonight, and go on to defend against Mr. Anderson in a personal match at next month's pay-per-view.



    Van Dam and Anderson have excellent chemistry to put on a decent match, as seen in their match at Against All Odds. Add Sting into the equation and you have yourself a great match.

    What mostly intrigues me about this match is its breath-taking suspense, as any man in the match could leave with the championship around their waist. Look for alliances to be broken, and possibly with a few twists thrown in. 


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    With only hours remaining until the seventh installment of TNA Lockdown kicks off, predictions for the event spread through the IWC with different views on each match.

    Although every contest may not have the highest significance, TNA pay-per-views are known for their high-flying action, suspense, and intense drama.

    In my opinion, this year's Lockdown has high potential to outdo the past few pay-per-view events TNA has produced this year. In addition, I surely hope this is the blow-off to many feuds featured on the card.

    Although the preliminary matches can be easily predicted, it's the main event matches that highly intrigue me to purchase the event to see how things go down.

    I'm sensing there will be a surprising addition to Immortal tonight, so for those of you consistently follow TNA programming, I highly suggest ordering Lockdown tonight.

    With my predictions said and done, now it's your time to shine! Make sure to let your thoughts known and leave your predictions down below.

    Tune in tonight live on pay-per-view at 8 p.m. Eastern time for the answers to many questions, emotional and dramatic story-telling, and of course the anticipated, intense action! GSM out.

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