New York Mets: Hu & Iggy Gone, Beato & Tejada Up, Evans to Follow?

Nicholas PuglieseContributor IIIMay 17, 2011

"The Kid" is back.
"The Kid" is back.Andrew Burton/Getty Images

In a merciful act the Mets announced, after the 2-1 loss to the Florida Marlins, that Chin-lung Hu and Ryota Igarashi were sent down to Triple-A Buffalo. 

To replace them on the roster shortstop/second baseman Ruben Tejada was called up and relief pitcher Pedro Beato was activated from the DL.

I do not think I have seen a batter be worse at the plate than Hu was, but the Mets players will surely tell you, "It took a lot for Hu to come in cold in that one game against the Nationals and deliver a sac fly with one at to put the Mets ahead, but not get the base hit to crack the game wide open."

This was one of the only times Hu made contact all year. The surest thing to an automatic out in the MLB.

Igarashi at least has good stuff, but his command was still atrocious and at his age, he is unlikely to improve it all that much. 

Getting into a 3-ball count, against the pitcher, hitting in late innings is a situation a Major League pitcher should never find himself in. Igarashi put himself in a situation where everyone in the ballpark knew he had to throw a fastball down the middle and he got burnt. 

You know what they say about playing with fire. At the very least, he should have thrown that ball down the middle with 1 ball so the batter still had it in the back of his mind there was a chance Iggy threw a slider.

Should be the last we see of either of these players in a Mets' uni.

Tejada should get significant time at second base with Justin Turner getting most of the playing time at third base. Tejada was struggling at shortstop defensively, but his hitting looked much improved posting a .267/.337/.407 line. He is on pace to shatter his career high of five homeruns.

There were also some rumblings that David Wright will be placed on the DL Tuesday and Nick Evans called up. Evans has played third base in the past and can play first allowing Daniel Murphy to play third on occasion. 

The addition of Tejada and Evans creates a lot of versatility with the infield for Terry Collins to work with, although this move is not 100 percent confirmed yet.

Evans has been heating up in May hitting .316/.391/.404 with a homer, double, three RBI and a 7:8 K:BB in 15 games.


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