Nebraska Football: Five Things We Learned in the Spring Game

Matt Zvolanek@MattZvolanekCorrespondent IIApril 16, 2011

Nebraska Football: Five Things We Learned in the Spring Game

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    This Spring Game is truly an example of how much Nebraska fans love their football and their team.  They show up in groves on a Saturday in April every year and today was no different.  Sixty-six thousand fans showed up to watch a glorified practice.  What they got was a few answers and some new questions.  These are those answers.

Kenny Bell Is Fast

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    Throughout spring practice, people heard of Kenny Bell's speed.  On Saturday, he showed it off.  Bell proved his elusiveness on both special teams and offense.  He showed he has the hands and feet to excel at the receiver position. Bell had three catches for 42 yards and four returns for 69 yards.

Brion Carnes Is Also Fast

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    Everybody in Lincoln wanted to see Carnes, and on Saturday they got their wish.  Brion Carnes, looked very much like his cousin, Tommie Frazier, when he ran the ball.  His speed and acceleration are very good, and he should replace Cody Green as backup QB or possibly start.  His throwing needs a little work but is already better than Green's and should come with time. Carnes rushed for 49 yards on nine attempts and went 11 for 15 passing for 173 yards.

Ty Kildow Is a Good Backup for Burkhead

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    Ty Kildow is listed as 5' 7" on the roster, but when he's on the field looks shorter than that.  His play is nothing short of amazing, however.  He utilizes the juke to much success, and his short stature makes it hard for lineman to see where he's going to pop out.  If keeps playing like he did on Saturday, he could be sharing reps with Burkhead and make Husker fans say, "Aaron who?"  Kildow rushed for 49 yards on seven attempts.

Jamal Turner Belongs at Wide Receiver

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    Jamal Turner showed off his athleticism at the receiver position on Saturday. Jamal had a catch for a touchdown where he shook off a defender and then did a front-flip into the end zone.  He also had a few more catches and showcased his elusiveness.  Combined with Bell, Kinney, and Kyler Reed, Nebraska's receiving is looking pretty good.  Turner caught four passes for 93 yards and one touchdown.  On his two returns, he had 76 yards with a long of 54.

Mauro Bondi Will Probably Be Starting Kicker

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    Brett Maher, Alex Henery's backup and holder for two years, got his shot to kick on Saturday.  His performance was less than perfect.  He has a decent leg hitting inside of 40 yards, but struggled past that.  His backup, freshmen Ethan Davis, was worse.  Davis torpedoes his kicks and doesn't get enough height on them, making them easy to block.  Maher's punting wasn't too bad.  It looks like the starting kicker job will be Mauro Bondi's to lose.  Maher hit field goals from 25 and 39 yards but missed a 34 yarder.  Davis hit a 25 yard field goal.