Big East Football: Should the Big East Move on Without Villanova in Football?

Bob AllenCorrespondent IIApril 16, 2011

It was reported on April 11th that Villanova has decided to delay its vote on whether or not it should join the Big East in football. It is understandable to take time and debate this, whether you are Villanova or the Big East. Imagine if some of us were ever given the chance of being involved in the process of gaining new members on the football side, what would we recommend?

If it were me, I would go right on past Villanova. I understand that they are a part of the conference in basketball and other sports but bringing them in on the football side would do nothing but weaken the already shaky reputation of Big East football in my opinion.

What the conference was able to do with TCU was excellent, they are bringing in a Texas Christian team capable of competing for conference and national titles right off the bat. Villanova would require years in order to reach the same level as TCU, PITT, WVU or even Rutgers.

The Big East needs a team capable of making noise the first season it enters play, a team that would increase the strength of schedule for every other team in the conference like TCU will do. Some of the options have been heard before, like force Notre Dame to go all in or all out. Big East basketball would survive just fine without the Irish and if they want to be independent then let them be independent.

Who knows who else the Big East could bring in. Whether it be  Houston, UCF, East Carolina or even Marshall would be a better choice then bringing up Villanova. But only time would tell how well Nova would adjust and they could surprise everyone.

Please leave comments of what you would do if you had the chance to find new members of the Big East.