2011 Green Bay Packers Schedule: How the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Ruined My Groove

Jacqueline Moen-KadlecContributor IIIApril 19, 2011

Go, Pack, go!
Go, Pack, go!J. Meric/Getty Images

Greetings from the frozen tundra, friends!

Yes, it is truly a winter wonderland again in the great State of Wisconsin.  While this may come as a shock to people, Wisconsin does have other seasons than winter. 

You know, the bitter, freezing cold that makes your eyeballs freeze open.  The snow storms that last so long and drop so much snow that you have to, literally, have your short-legged dog on a leash just so you can pull him back to safety as he slowly sinks into a fresh fallen snow.  The ice storms that make you thank whatever deity you worship that you ate that extra brat and drank multiple beers, as the extra padding on your pooper has, literally, saved your butt.  Yes, we do have seasons other than winter.

But just not this year it seems.

Enough about the weather!  Let's talk some football.  The Green Bay Packers released their 2011 schedule today to much fanfare in Casa Moen-Kadlec.  Manpig and I looked over the schedule with an excitement of a schoolgirl at a Justin Bieber concert.  New Orleans Saints?  WOOO!  Bears?  WOOOO!!!  Tampa Bay Buccaneers?  Oh boy.

You may ask yourself, what's up with this writer not being happy about the Packers playing the Bucs?  Well, let's just put it this way, Packers faithful.  I have been a naughty girl.  I have been unfaithful to the Packers, and for that, I am truly, deeply sorry.

A little backstory, if I may...

I was born a Packers fan, as my mother, Marlene, is a rabid "do not touch that television during a Packers game/interview/conversation/debate" type of fan.  Her love for the Packers has lasted through moves to three states (Florida, Georgia and Wisconsin).  While we lived in St. Petersburg, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia, she was the lady rocking the green and gold during Buccaneers and Falcons games.  Marlene was the lady also rocking the awesome '80s helmet hair along with the green and gold, but I digress.

Anyway, her devotion to the Packers is legendary in my family.  Her daughter (et moi), however, was somewhat led astray during the time we lived out of the sainted borders of the frozen tundra. 

I cheated on the Packers with the Buccaneers.

Yes!  I wore the stupid pirate ship hat!  Not only at home, but at work!  And in the bar!  My brother wouldn't even sit next to me and his friends made vile threats about the pirate hat, which will not be repeated, as I am sure the comments probably still have a statute of limitations that may or may not result in restraining orders and jail time.

I proudly wore a Mike Alstott jersey whenever I felt like it, while living in Wisconsin!  People have been escorted over the border and not invited to family reunions for a lesser offense!  Their beer supply has been cut off!  Their lives have been ruined! 

That horrid orange color that was the initial Bucs color?  I wore clothing in that color, even though I'm a winter! 

I drank beer with rabid Packer fans, all of whom snorted with derision every time I spoke up about how great the Bucs were!  I received hateful glances when the Bucs went to, and won, the Super Bowl!  I lived with family members who wouldn't let me hang out with them during football games because they were sure I was the main reason for a Packers loss (a more superstitious bunch cannot be found in regard to the Packers and my family.  Please don't bring up the Madden curse and Aaron Rodgers or be prepared to have a sit-down discussion about how you can mess with fate)! 

However, since I love football, and couldn't watch the Bucs since I live in Wisconsin, I began to rethink my allegiances.  With the split of the NFC division, I could safely, and silently, cheer for the Buccaneers and the Packers, right?

Then came the great divorce of Brett Favre (also known as He Who Shall Not Be Named) and the Packers.  With the divorce, and the emergence of Aaron Rodgers, guess who started watching the Packers?  And, additionally, writing for Bleacher Report?

Yup, this chick.  Please see my first article for verification of all the above.

Anyway, my devotion for the Packers has never been more solid, and this was even before the playoffs and the Super Bowl win.  When the starters got hurt this year?  Yup, I was watching the Packers.  When the Packers were losing (hello, Detroit Lions.  How you doing?), this girl was shaking my head with the rest of the Packers faithful.

How could I love the Packers with such ease?  How could I watch them, and not even think of the Bucs, other than to see if they won or lost?  Because there were no games against the Bucs, my childhood/teenage team.

2011 will be an interesting year for football in the Moen-Kadlec household.  Manpig, my husband, will remind me of my misspent youth and how some of it was spent rooting for the Buccaneers.  My family will dig up old photographs of me in the pirate hat and probably post them online, just to remind me of my transgressions.  My friends and former drinking buddies will probably remind me that they were right all along and I wasn't really a Bucs fan, as I am Norwegian and from Wisconsin, and therefore am genetically predetermined as a Packers fan.

Sigh...Let the ribbing begin.

Sunday, November 20, 2011 will be the quietest Packers game ever watched in my household.  For example, Clay Matthews sacks Josh Freeman, flips into his monster pose and gets an interception all in one move.  Crickets—that is what you will hear. 

Aaron Rodgers scores five touchdowns on his own, and throws for 600 yards, with no interceptions, while dancing an Irish jig...Nada, folks.  No comment from the furry Norwegian.  Complete radio silence will be maintained, as this is a "damned if I do, damned if I don't" situation.  No comment, I tell you!

So, friends, I share this with you as a precautionary tale of devotion.  I have learned my lesson that young girls can be led astray and cheer for a football team that is not really their own.  I am choosing to view this game, and the Bucs, like a former boyfriend: it's great that you did well last year, and could have made the playoffs with a Green Bay loss to Chicago, but that doesn't mean that I want, or need, you back.

My heart belongs to another and their colors work better in my color wheel.

Now then, let's just hope for a 2011 season and a Green Bay Packers win against the Bucs!

Have a good week, all.