25 of the Worst Football (Soccer) Referee Calls Ever!

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25 of the Worst Football (Soccer) Referee Calls Ever!

I've been assigned the enviable task of covering some of the worst referee decisions of all time.

Some will be from the Premier League and some will be a few incidents from other leagues/tournaments and a few more from International games like the 2010 World Cup which had too many talking points; well, too many talking points for Sepp Blatter to handle anyway!

Some of them will be 'inside-out', meaning that some will be calls which the referee should have made, but didn't.

Some of them will be so painfully wrong that any of us could have got those questionable decisions right.

I've already chosen my favourite one, but you'll have to wait a while for it!

CLUE: It isn't the one in the picture above, for obvious reasons.

Linesmen have ear-pieces and signal-emitting flags with which they can communicate with the referee perfectly when it comes to making arbitrary decisions. Yet, they don't bother to use those things during the most crucial of decisions. The clips and pictures I will be showing you really hammer this point home.

Take a deep breath and let me take you through a gallery of negligent FIFA-accredited refereeing, where it will be customary for you to utter abbreviations like 'OMG', 'WTF', LOL and LMAO.

Hopefully someone who views this shall email a link to the likes of Michel Platini and Sepp Blatter.
Fingers, wires and doubles crossed!

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