Time is Running Out: Jeff Gordon Still Winless

Matthew MerrillContributor IOctober 8, 2008

OK, so Tony Stewart has finally broken his winless streak on one of NASCAR's more controversial calls. Where does that leave Jeff Gordon?

Gordon, as of this coming race, will have gone one whole year without a win. Jeff Gordon has not gone for a winless season since his rookie year, so it leaves the whole nation wondering when things will look up again.

Has the Wonder Boy run out of luck? No one would call the bulk of his wins luck.

So what are the reasons? One is that when Dale Earnhardt Jr. came on, it put the team into an imbalance. Where people believed it would create a super team, it took two really good teams and forced them to give up stuff to create a third team.

When you line up the number of miles all of the drivers have led, he comes up ninth, having led only 452 miles out of several thousand.

Jimmie Johnson has led 2,019 and comes up second, while Junior has led almost 124 and comes up third.

This can't all be coincidence!