The NFL's Most Overrated Players

Auguste ArcherCorrespondent IOctober 8, 2008

Yes, Green Bay fans, I did put a picture of Aaron Rodgers on an article titled "The NFL's Most Overrated Players". And yes, Green Bay fans, that means I think he is overrated.

Let me break down my list for you, from the tenth most overrated player to the number one most overrated player. Here it goes:

10. Ladainian Tomlinson (Chargers)

Some of you are going, "does this guy understand football at all? He thinks LT is overrated? What?". That reaction is understandable. LT is a really good running back. I don't, however, jump on the "LT is the greatest running back since Jim Brown, Emmitt Smith and Barry Sanders" bandwagon.

I believe that LT, like all great backs, is the product of a very good and often unnoticed offensive line. LT is not, Chargers fans and fantasy owners, the best thing since sliced bread.

9. Adrian Peterson (Vikings)

You really thought if I ragged on LT I was going to leave AP alone? You were wrong. I think AP is a great back and a darn good human being. He is not, however, the best player in the NFL. AP is injury prone and sporadic in his level of production. He's a good back, but in my opinion very overrated.

Hey, does anybody remember Shaun Alexander? Yeah, the one who was on the Madden cover? Well a lot of people considered him the next coming of Jim Brown, and eh, well does anyone honestly know who he plays for anymore? Is he even still active? Just remember Vikings fans, take AP's greatness with a grain of salt.

8. Terrell Owens (Cowboys)

I bet you aren't at all surprised to see TO on this list. He whines, complains, drops passes and performs atrocious end zone celebrations that more often than not lead to 15-yard penalties. And yet, even with all of these obvious transgressions, TO is still considered one of the league's premier wide receivers. Why? I honestly don't understand it. Maybe a helpful Cowboys fan could elaborate for me.

7. Carson Palmer (Bengals)

Palmer has all the tools. He has a pass blocking offensive line, two dynamite wide receivers, a pass heavy west-coast playbook, and he still fails to deliver. The Bengals are 0-5 this season. You don't go 0-5 with an elite quarterback at the helm, so why do we still consider Palmer elite? We don't, or at least I don't. Case closed.

6. Brian Urlacher (Bears)

Don't get me wrong, Urlacher is a good linebacker. He isn't, however, the best linebacker in the NFL. Or even in the NFC. Lofa Tatupu is a better (dare I say the best) linebacker in the NFC.

Urlacher possesses a lot of great attributes, but he lacks the ability to be effective in coverage. Urlacher is a wonderful run stopper, but he just isn't that great in nickel and dime packages. Bears fans, be happy you have a linebacker like Urlacher, he's a great player, just not the best in the NFL.

5. Aaron Rodgers (Packers)

Yes Packers fans, I did go here. Aaron Rodgers, for all of his great games and early wins, is not a great quarterback yet. He may well (and I actually think he will) mature into a quarterback of legendary caliber, but for now he isn't any Brett Favre and Packers fans would be severely disillusioned to think so.

4. Ray Lewis (Ravens)

Ray Lewis is in the same boat as Brian Urlacher. He's a great player, good at what he does, but he is often called the elite linebacker in the AFC, which he just isn't. That title belongs to Larry Foote or Joey Porter, guys who are the complete package of skill at linebacker. Sorry Ray, but you're overrated.

3. Roy Williams (Cowboys)

Yes Cowboys fans, I did double up on you. Roy Williams is a great run support safety, but he misses too many tackles and is vulnerable in pass protection. He just gets beat sometimes, and elite players don't get beat. That's what makes Williams overrated. Sorry 'Boys fans, he's not that great.

2. Jeremy Shockey (Saints)

Shockey is a very good tight end, but he isn't elite. He misses blocks, drops balls and occasionally allows his very high-strung attitude to affect the team. He's also missed a lot of time to injury, both this year and last. Shockey is a good player, but not even in the top five tight ends in the league.

1. Vince Young (Titans)

Oh Vince. Oh, dear Vince. Why do you hurt us so bad? You give us an enticing taste of ridiculous big-play ability, and then you throw three horrible picks in a row. You win a game by the skin of your teeth, and then lose one by twenty the next weekend.

What is it about you, Vince, that makes us continue to believe in you? Is it your charisma? Your charm? Because it certainly isn't your football skill. You've proved time and again that you can't be trusted to deliver in the big moments. And that, Vince, is why you top my most overrated players list. Sorry Titans fans, your quarterback is the most overrated player in the NFL.

Thanks for reading, folks, it's always a pleasure. And I love to have feedback, so feel free to comment.