Extreme Rules: A New Star Will Be Born on the Night of Extreme

Kevin StonebargerCorrespondent IIApril 16, 2011

The whole world is still feeling the effects of the sudden retirement of the Rated-R Superstar, Edge.

Fans and the WWE are sad to see such an amazing wrestler leave so suddenly, especially when it's not on his own terms, but it was the right thing to do. With his neck problems truly finally catching up to him, it was the right decision to retire before he is forced into a wheelchair.

All I can say is thank you, Edge, and I may just write a tribute article in the future.

But Edge's retirement is not the focus of THIS article.

As we all know, Edge has been forced to vacate the World Heavyweight Title due to his retirement. As a result, the World Title has been put into question. Alberto Del Rio was supposed to face Edge in a Ladder Match for the title, but Edge's retirement changed that.

The WWE has decided to have the match still take place for the now vacated World Title. Del Rio will still compete in the Ladder Match as he has earned the right, and on Smackdown, Christian won a battle royal to take Edge's spot.

So now at Extreme Rules, it will be Christian vs Alberto Del Rio in a Ladder Match for the vacated World Heavyweight Championship.

This match will definitely be history in the making as it will crown a first-time World Champion at Extreme Rules, and it will be the first time such a thing has happened without the use of Money in the Bank since Sheamus' shocking title win at TLC 2009.

It is truly the right call for this match to happen in light of Edge retiring.

Christian and Del Rio have had perhaps one of the most heated and personal feuds in recent WWE memory. Del Rio has taken credit for injuring Christian with his Cross Arm Breaker, and ever since Captain Charisma has returned, the two have been at each other's throats, becoming even more bitter than the Edge/Del Rio feud ever was.

These men have met only three times before, one of those times inside a steel cage.

The score right now is 2-1 between them, Christian with more wins over Del Rio, but both men have proven that they can beat each other, and at Extreme Rules, their rivalry will finally come to a head on PPV.

Now with Edge gone, the WWE needs a new face for Smackdown, face or heel, and without a doubt, the winner of the ladder match may become just that. The question is...who?

For me, it's hard to predict who will win as it truly can go either way.

On one hand, Del Rio seems groomed to become the next big thing in the WWE. He may have lost at Wrestlemania, but that doesn't change the fact that WWE really wants the guy to be World Champion.

He has had a push the likes of which have not been seen in years, and the WWE is fully behind him in every way. The WWE has shown us this on many occasions, and he was probably going to beat Edge before plans changed.

On the other hand, Christian deserves the World Title more than anything else. Along with Edge, he made TLC famous, and has dedicated himself to this business for many years.

He has had only one other World Title shot in WWE, and this is his first World Title shot in a one on one match. And Christian winning would be an amazing emotional moment that would not only be dedicated to Edge, but truly rewarding for Christian, a wrestler who is, without a doubt, very popular with the fans.

The advantage obviously goes to Christian, as he has had made his name and reputation in TLC and Ladder matches. Del Rio himself has some experience as he had competed in a Fatal 4 Way TLC Match a few months ago, but the edge definitely leans towards Christian in this one.

But no matter who wins, history will be made on the night of extreme.

Lately, WWE seems to have been scared to put world titles on new guys without use from Money in the Bank, perhaps feeling that they can't carry the company.

Wade Barrett and Alberto Del Rio are prime examples, as both were expected to win the titles as Survivor Series and Wrestlemania, respectively, but WWE eventually went with the main-eventers.

But at Extreme Rules, that comes to an end. For the first time, perhaps in history, we are guaranteed a first time world champion at a PPV before it even goes underway.

Christian and Del Rio have never held the Big One, and for one of these men, that is about to change.

A new face of Smackdown is needed, and without a doubt, both men are perfect for it. Christian is very popular, and Del Rio gains tremendous heat. These two men can carry Smackdown and part of the WWE on their backs, no doubt.

Either way, no matter who wins, a star will be born on an Extreme Rules, and all that star needs to do is climb a ladder, and unhook the gold.