Does Kosta Koufos Have a Future with the Utah Jazz?

Parker DonatContributor IOctober 8, 2008

The Utah Jazz need at least two years to see if Kosta Koufos, the gentle giant, can bang with the big boys.

I was pleased to see this summer that Koufos didn’t look like another Ostertag. Koufos looked to have a great outside shot and a quick drive to the basket, but he did not seem to be a fully developed weapon like most of Sloan’s arsenal.

Two of his biggest weaknesses are strength and learning the system. The quicker he can change those two things, the quicker he will be a definite player for this Utah Jazz squad.

"Yeah, definitely, I'm feeling more and more comfortable as each day passes; I'm still learning the system," said Koufos at the Rocky Mountain Review.