WWE Divas: A Bella Is Crowned Champion and a Diva Killer Is Coming

Christi LottCorrespondent IApril 15, 2011

On Monday Night RAW this week, we got an unadvertised title match between Divas Champion Eve and Brie Bella.

Yes, this match had happened a few weeks prior, but something like that never stops the WWE from repetition. The match itself was subpar at best.

The Bella Twin gimmick has gotten old and tired and it amazes me that only now did Eve had the smart idea to put an X on the Bella she was actually wrestling. Perhaps if she had marked them both, the two of them together would make a semi-green Diva.

Eve as champion is fine to a certain extent, but she does not have the wrestling capability to carry anyone in a match, because she's only just barely greener than these two. Sure, being able to a standing moonsault is all fine and dandy, but it says nothing about actual talent.

Unfortunately for her, she is beyond not over with the crowd as a face, or as anything for that matter. The same can be said for the Bellas. The crowd cared nothing about them in any way, including in the title change itself. No roar from the crowd, not even a dull clap that the match was actually over.

The crowd being incredibly silent for this match only says how completely uninteresting these two/three are.

It's even more obvious, hopefully, that Brie is just a filler/transitional champion for someone like Gail Kim to defeat and become a new and better Divas Champion.

I say Gail Kim because, before this match was announced, the WWE gave us a major video tease of a new debuting Diva, whose name wasn't revealed, but we all know as Awesome Kong.

In the video, her familiar dreads are seen, and in her hands she's holding a Barbie Doll, representing the Divas and what they are truly meant to be. At the end, she merely flicks it and the head pops off, and her maniacal and monstrous laugh is heard.

I am very impressed and pleased with the WWE for acknowledging the fact that Kong does not fit the mold of the typical WWE Diva and she's a destroyer, a wrecker and meant to be used as such.

The best way to introduce her and debut her is to have her take on not only someone she's familiar with, but someone fans are familiar seeing her battle: Gail Kim.

Since her return to the WWE, Kim has struggled in garnering any kind of reaction from the crowd. I relate this to the fact that a lot of WWE viewers don't watch TNA, as well as being so disengaged from the Divas. Generally, they don't care when someone like Kim shows up.

Kim and Kong, however, know how to wrestle each other and make it look good. As far as I'm concerned, they created the crown the Knockouts once had of being the better group of women wrestlers on TV.

For Gail, showing all her skills against Kong will truly put her over as a top face on RAW and give her some much deserved attention and respect. For Kong, it's one of the best people she can debut against before hitting up others like Natalya and Beth Phoenix, who can go toe to toe with her on the strength factor.

Despite the ridiculous notion of Brie Bella being Divas Champion, it is only a catalyst for a new era of the Divas to begin...the Era of the Diva Killer.