2011 NFL Draft: The Denver Broncos Should Draft Cam Newton and Keep Tim Tebow

Rob GregoryCorrespondent IIApril 15, 2011

"Will I be a Bronco?"
"Will I be a Bronco?"Joe Robbins/Getty Images

It’s very simple: If the Broncos don’t select a future star with the second overall pick, then this team will continue to slide into football obscurity.

If they make the right move then I’m sure that things can be turned around in a hurry. It happens that way in the NFL.

So, with the No. 2 selection in the 2011 NFL Draft, the Denver Broncos select—at my request—Cameron Newton.

Cam Newton with the intention of converting Tim Tebow to an H-back? No.

Cam Newton with the intention of developing two great quarterbacks and then trading one for Adrian Peterson? Cam Newton with the intention of playing a two-quarterback set? Yes!

Let’s face it, the standard model for success in the NFL—good coaching, a super-star quarterback with remarkable poise and accuracy and a defense that makes plays when it counts—has run its course and urgently begs for new vision, flair and creativity.

Thankfully, the winds of change are coming and the Broncos, I should hope and beg, will lead the way.

It starts by drafting Cam Netwon and installing the A-11 offense. Not the A-1 offense, since leaving off a one makes it a condiment, albeit a delicious condiment; instead, a radically new pro offense fit for the NFL and your Denver Broncos.

The A-11 offense is about super spread formations, exotic schemes and yes, multiple quarterbacks. Remember how excited you were when the first four-head VCR came out? Well, try to think along those emotional lines while reading the following.

The Broncos will start with just the “Base 2QB” formation, since the offense is too fancy for Kyle Orton; plus, there is always the chance that he will injure his elbow sliding away from a less than speedy nose-tackle.

The point is that the A-11 offense is sexy, innovative and transformative. Kyle Orton is slow and kind of wobbly. It requires intangibles (I plan to look that word up eventually), flair and an image that translates to underwear commercials and sponsorship by mega-cool corporations off the field.

I don’t mean to beat up on Kyle Orton so much, but how would he do as a model for Hanes? It was very wrong to go there.

On the other hand, Cam Newton is a hyper-talented phenom who can jump really high, run really fast and over-throw his receivers by a good foot or two.

Some were disappointed when Cam Newton overthrew receivers at the Combine, but I wasn’t—not at all. That just means that the Broncos will need to also sign Plaxico Burress—problem solved.

But I digress, regress and then digress once more.

Let Cam mix it up with Tim Tebow. That would spell trouble for the rest of the league, and by the time everyone tried to copy this ingenious formula it would be too late since Cam Newtons and Tim Tebows don’t exactly grow on trees.

Chad Henne and Ricky Stanzi would be a terrible idea. I recently heard Mel Kiper Jr. say somewhere—his voice resonates in your soul after a while, so who knows where and when he said this—that if you combine Cam Newton with Tim Tebow that you might have the perfect quarterback, since Cam lacks all the intangibles that Tim possesses, but Tim lacks all the other measurables that Cam Newton is big on.

Well, that’s settled. You draft Cam Newton, keep Tim Tebow, trade Kyle Orton and then transform your vanilla offense, trademarked by all those awful bubble screens, into something more flavorful; maybe caramel drizzled with chocolate, or toffee-nut and mocha, or ooh, how about pistachio?

With the A-11 offense teams won’t know how to prepare, well not until it's too late, at least, when Cam and Tim are busy hoisting up that Lombardi trophy in all its magnificent glory!

How exactly will the A-11 offense look with Cam Newton and Tim Tebow playing quarterback? I’ll try and illustrate an example.

Tebow will line-up at a 45-degree angle from the center in shotgun formation and so too will Cam Newton, only at an opposite 45-degree angle, naturally! Though it's important that he remains on the offensive side of the ball, since otherwise he would be offsides, while Knowshon Moreno—no, make that Jaquizz Rodgers (yes, Jacquizz Rodgers)—will line-up either to the left-outermost of QB1 or QB2.

John Fox can also flank him to the right of Brandon Lloyd, with the other two WRs moved to the opposite side, then Cam Newton will get the ball from J.D. Walton. Cam will pitch it backwards to Tim, Tim will cut left, avoid a safety, throw it back to Cam Newton who is still lined up behind him, Cam will hit Brandon Lloyd for three yards, the ref will throw a flag for holding on Zane Beadles, everyone comes back to the huddle, the process is repeated.

Exciting, right?

If you look deep, down in your soul you too will realize that this is a good plan. Sure, it’s radical, it’s different.

But the Broncos need change; change that we can believe in. That’s why my vote goes to Cam Newton with the number two overall pick.

Can it happen? Yes, it can. Now let’s go out and get this done, John Elway!