The Five Best Reporter-Athlete Feuds of All Time

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The Five Best Reporter-Athlete Feuds of All Time
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Can Jay Cutler limp his way onto the list?

Everyone loves it when you go to a sporting event and violence breaks out. Sometimes, such as hockey, that's the sole reason you go. Sometimes, when you're a Philadelphia fan, you need a few projectiles (batteries, snowballs, small animals) to get the ball rolling. Maybe you need the guy batting eighth in your lineup to get buzzed by the pitcher during a phenomenal 0-15 streak or maybe you just need to be in Europe attending a soccer match.

Regardless of the how or why, violence permeates sports. Whether it's the sole object of the sport, like boxing or MMA, or whether it's secondary to the skills being displayed—see Malice at the Palace—it is nearly impossible to have physical people amped up on adrenaline highs with hyper-competitive attitudes and not see some sort of agitation break out.

That's to be expected. It's what they get paid for, partially.

What happens, however, when the hostility spills over, when the final buzzer is only the starting point for the vitriol?

You get a feud between a reporter and an athlete, that's what happens. Sometimes they're great, sometimes they're awful. Sometimes it's a slow boil, and sometimes it's like a bright star, burning quickly and brightly.

What were the best ones ever? Read on to find out.

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