Patriot Cheerleaders are Running Scared

Michael CaissieCorrespondent IJanuary 15, 2008

Okay, I have heard more than enough of who is more afraid to play who this weekend between the Chargers and the Patriots

As the Charger’s DE Igor Olshanky put it, "Who? New England?  Seriously, I mean, their more worried than we are, I promise you. Believe me. They know what's up."

Well...he was half right about his statement. 

What?  You thought I was going to blast him for being overly confident about playing a team that has yet to lose, and already beat his team this year?  No.  You thought I was going to let him know giving the Patriots poster material is just plain stupid?  No. 

I am saying he was half right about his statement. 

There are indeed some professional athletes in New England who are afraid of the Chargers, but they're not football players, and they're not afraid of Mr. Olshansky.

The New England Patriots cheerleaders are simply terrified, and are desperately hoping that one particular Charger is quick to recover from his injury.   The Pats Cheerleaders are desperately sitting around worried…praying even…that Philip Rivers recovers before this weekend and suits up for the game.

So, I have been told that cheerleading is EXTREMELY competitive, and neither set of cheerleaders wants to be shown up by the other team’s set of pom-poms.  Before the injury to Rivers, it looked as if it would be an equal affair of cheers and dances between both cheerleading squads. 

Now what are the Pats cheerleaders to do?  Surely they can keep up, perhaps even beat, their Charger counterparts on any given Sunday.  But…this might not be any given Sunday.  No…this Sunday the Charger’s might have the super cheerleader on their sidelines, sure to give them an unfair and overwhelming advantage.

Did you see Philip Rivers jawing at the Indy fans last week?  How can the Pats cheerleader compete with that kind of commitment to vocal excellence? 

Maybe Tom Brady will take time out of doing his talking on the field to help them out?  Sorry girls…probably not going to happen.  I know it’s not fair, but your quarterback will be too busy letting his game do the talking this weekend, just like he does every weekend.

I wonder if Patriot fans sitting on and around the 50-yard line behind the Charger team are required to pay extra for their tickets for the additional entertainment and interaction surely to be provided via Mr. Rivers?


Okay, I’ve had enough fun trying to prove a very tired and very obvious point.  Charger fans…you can disagree with me all you like, but EVERYONE who is ANYONE in sports this week has been saying the same thing that I have been saying ALL season long.  Philip Rivers needs to learn his place, and let his skill do his talking. 

Surely this would be less of a story if Rivers were a winning QB with some rings to flash; Montana, Young, Brady, Manning, Favre, etc.  But then again…those that have deserved the right to run their mouth…just do not run their mouth.

That was an incredible win for the Chargers and their fans last week.  No one outside of San Diego gave them a chance to win that game.  It is too bad Rivers was busy on the sidelines, exhanging words with drunken fans, while his team, and his backup, were pulling the upset win. Passing words with fans, while your backup was busy passing YOUR team to victory...really, Philip?                                       I am really looking forward to the game this weekend, because these are two very good teams, and both are deserving to play in the Super Bowl. 

The New England cheerleaders are looking forward to Rivers hopefully suiting up, because they already have their hands full competing with Chargers cheerleaders.  Having to beat Rivers too just seems unfair.

I am sure the Charger cheerleaders are hoping that Rivers plays as well, because if he keeps this up, he might easily take one of their jobs next season.