Missouri's Derrick Washington Looming A Quiet Nightmare For OK State

Peter FleischerSenior Writer IOctober 8, 2008

At first glance, the tough matchup for the Oklahoma State Cowboys against the Missouri Tigers this weekend is quarterback Chase Daniel and Mizzou's passing attack.

After all, the Cowboys haven't faced a serious passing threat this year other then Houston's Case Keenum, and he torched them for 387 yards and four TDs.

Imagine what Chase might do to a team over the middle with linebackers that are questionable in pass coverage. And Okie State's defensive backs that are only average with limited depth.

But the real potential disaster for the 'Boys is Mizzou running back Derrick Washington. D-Wash has gotten a lot of publicity this week after becoming the nation's leading scorer, but is still underrated compared to Daniel. 

"I feel like I'm kind of under the radar, but I like that," Washington said earlier this week. "We have some potent weapons on this offense, and you can't stop all of us. I think nobody's really noticing who I am, and I like it."

One week after being killed by Mike Goodson to the tune of 112 yards on only eight carries, the usually solid Cowboys run defense needs to stop D-Wash for them to have a chance. Chase Daniel is obviously going to get his yards through the air, so stopping at least one aspect of the Tigers offense will be key.

If Derrick Washington puts up big numbers on the ground, it's over for the Cowboys. There literally will be no stopping the Tigers if both facets of their game are working.

Nobody else is putting the ball in the endzone as often as Washington. We all know Mike Gundy is a man, but he still must be shaking in his boots at the prospect of stopping him.