NBA Trade Scenarios: 10 Deals for Deron Williams Should He Decide Not to Re-Sign

Alex MonacoContributor IIApril 14, 2011

NBA Trade Scenarios: 10 Deals for Deron Williams Should He Decide Not to Re-Sign

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    Of all the possible futuristic free agents in the NBA, Deron Williams' situation is certainly one of the most intriguing.  No one thought after the Jerry Sloan debacle that both parties would end up departing from the Jazz, but it happened that way. 

    Since then, Williams has been dealt to the New Jersey Nets under the same contract he was under in Utah.  He is set to be a free agent in the summer of 2012, however the New Jersey Nets plan to keep him long term.

    If Williams is again not happy in his current situation he will opt for free agency.  If that is the case, the Nets will likely do the same thing that the Magic and the Hornets will do if their superstar athletes don't want to sign a long term deal—trade them.  

    Here's a look at what the Nets may try and get in a trade for Williams should he elect not to re-sign...

10. Detroit Pistons

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    Proposed trade: Will Bynum, Ben Gordon, Charlie Villanueva, and a first round pick for Deron Williams

    The Pistons need to make a move.  They have gone from a championship organization to an absolute debacle. 

    Why? They have no direction. They have no coaching, and worst of all they have no leadership.  

    There are very few athletes who have leadership qualities instilled in their style of play.  Deron Williams happens to be one of those players.  

    If Detroit won over Williams with the thought that he could turn their franchise around, then it would make for an extremely exciting run at another ring in Detroit.  

9. Sacramento Kings

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    Proposed trade: Beno Udrih, Francisco Garcia, Donte Greene, and a first round pick for Deron Williams 

    The Kings are moving to Anaheim.  It's going to happen.  They are going to get a clean slate and they need to make a big time move to completely seal the deal for a fresh start in southern California.  

    Deron Williams would be a perfect fit for the current Sacramento Kings' roster.  They are a team that has a lot of talent but not a lot of understanding of what it takes to win in the NBA.  Williams has not experienced a losing team like the Kings.  That's a good thing if he was traded to this team. 

    His expectations are high and this young team needs their level of play to be challenged in order to turn into a serious contender.  End of story.  

8. Atlanta Hawks

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    Proposed trade: Jeff Teague, Kirk Hinrich, Zaza Pachulia, and a first round pick for Deron Williams

    Although this may seem like a throwaway trade for the Nets, Atlanta has some role players who could be extremely vital to a team's success.  Teague is getting an opportunity now that Bibby is gone to run a decent offense.  Hinrich has always been productive, and Zaza is having a career year.  

    On the flip side, Deron would love it in Atlanta.  The way he runs a team is exactly the way Atlanta wishes to be led on offense.  They are fast-paced, athletic, and extremely capable.  

    Williams would absolutely shake up the Eastern conference if he played for the Hawks.  Oh, what an exciting thought.  

7. Dallas Mavericks

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    Proposed trade: Jason Kidd, DeShawn Stevenson, and Brendan Haywood for Deron Williams

    You can never count out the Mavericks when a big time free agent enters the market.  The Jason Kidd fit in Dallas worked, but it didn't see through until the end.  Seeing Kidd through to the end would've implied that the Mavs won an NBA championship.  Instead, the biggest battle they likely face on a yearly basis is whether they're going to be the two, the three, or the four-seed headed into the playoffs.

    I'm sure that's not very comforting for Maverick faithfuls. 

    This team deserves a ring and so does Deron Williams.  Obviously Mark Cuban is a willing owner and that's got to feel good for an unappreciated point guard like Williams who's currently seeking new ownership.

    This move would be a huge shock to the NBA and I'm all for it.  

6. Portland Trail Blazers

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    Proposed trade: Andre Miller, Wesley Matthews, and Rudy Fernandez for Deron Williams

    Deron Williams would fit in Portland quite well.  They have a team built around Brandon Roy but that's because they've never been consistent in playing anyone else but him.

    Williams could provide that stability for the Trail Blazers

    They are relatively young and put up a heck of a fight every night they go into battle. Deron should seriously consider this move as well as the Trail Blazer community.  Roy needs a wingman and Andre Miller is simply not cutting it.

5. Los Angeles Clippers

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    Proposed trade: Eric Bledsoe, Mo Williams, and Ryan Gomes for Deron Williams 

    Of all the places Deron Williams could go, the Los Angeles Clippers is the biggest curveball.  If you think about it, the Clip show they are honestly one player away from being a playoff team. 

    They are young, they are explosive, and they are everything that would compliment a Deron Williams-type point guard.

    How exciting would the city of Los Angeles be with Kobe and Gasol versus Deron and Blake?  The young versus the old...You got to love it. 

4. Orlando Magic

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    Proposed trade: Gilbert Arenas, Quentin Richardson, and Brandon Bass for Deron Williams

    With the Magic likely to fall short of another failed opportunity at a NBA championship, they have to be feeling pretty uncertain about themselves at this point.  Their star center will only be under contract for one more year and he's running out of patience.  

    The only way the team can keep Howard is by peaking his interest in a move like trading for Deron Williams. 

    Williams would be a phenomenal compliment to Howard and certainly raise the bar in Orlando in hopes of a championship. 

    Orlando has made a lot of moves, and it's not all for nothing.  They can use those pieces they got this year like an Arenas, to get them what they really want which is a Williams.

3. Miami Heat

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    Proposed trade: Chris Bosh, Joel Anthony and Mario Chalmers for Deron Williams and Kris Humphries

    In order to get Deron Williams, the Heat would have to trade one of their superstars.  Since they're obviously not trading James or Wade, it has to be Chris Bosh. 

    Imagine a front court that had Deron, Dwayne, and LeBron. There is no one who could handle that kind of athleticism in the entire NBA.

    Even though it seems like the Heat are more interested in Chris Paul, or at least friends LeBron James and Dwayne Wade are, the thought of Deron Williams on their team shouldn't disappoint.   

    The Nets just might make a move like this...

2. Los Angeles Lakers

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    Proposed trade: Steve Blake, Ron Artest and Shannon Brown and a future first round pick for Deron Williams

    The Lakers are a team that's going to have to figure out something at the point guard position with Fisher coming to the end of his career. 

    Steve Blake has shown some hesitance operating the triangle offense and I'm sure it's not only made Laker fans feel a bit uneasy, but the organization as well. 

    The wise move would be to invest in Deron Williams. 

    Williams battled the Lakers for many gut-wrenching playoff series and both parties know each other quite well.  This could be one of those instances where everyone puts the past behind them and focuses on the future ahead.  How many people can say Deron Williams is in their future? 

    Plus, the Nets inherit three Lakers and a futuristic first-rounder.  Not a bad bang for your buck.

1. New York Knicks

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    Proposed trade: Landry Fields, Toney Douglas, Jared Jeffries, and a future first round pick for Deron Williams 

    The Knicks have their eyes on two point guards: Chris Paul, and Deron Williams.  If it's not Chris Paul, it's Deron Williams. 

    The Knicks already tried to make a move for Williams before he was dealt to the Nets and I'm sure they will go after the former Fighting Illini once again. 

    Williams is a point guard who fits phenomenally into the Knicks' style of play.  It's clear that the team needs some sort of direction—as Chauncey Billups gets older, his command over an offense is only going to decrease. 

    Williams is in his prime and the Knicks have their eyes set on a leader like Deron to be locked down long term.

    The Nets in return would be getting a ton of help at the shooting guard position with Fields and Douglas being knockdown type shooters.  Also, Jeffries is a project that may pan out.  

    With a first round pick as the cherry on top in this deal, the Nets just may dish him 40 miles east towards the even bigger buildings.