College Football Picks With Stupid Nicknames (Week Seven)

Jaws of DefeatContributor IOctober 8, 2008

(All picks are against the spread and are intended to be in good fun.  I have nothing but the utmost respect for each University named herein and their fans.)

Mustachioed Santa OVER Mini Trojans

Paw Prints OVER Campus Utopia

No Look, Full Court, Over the Head, Back Bend Humiliation Assist OVER UK Logo Copiers

Looserville [sic] OVER As Decrepit as the Modern Incarnation of the Ancient City We're Named After

Jefferson's Grid Ruiners OVER Other NC Pirate Captains

Feel Good Movie of the Year Recruiting Bump OVER Pepperoni Rolls

Waiting to Recruit Randle-El's Progeny OVER John Deere State

Reclamation of a Classic Football Nickname OVER Couldn't Win the B10 With Barber and Maroney

John Spartans MURDER DEATH KILL We Should Have Stolen the Thundercats Logo Before Kansas State Did

Wild West Sheriff Named Quarterback OVER Surf Ninjas Named Quarterback

Directional Michigan (Team A) OVER Black Knights Not of Florida

Perpetually Hibernating in the Standings OVER Seneca Wallace is Not Walking Through That Door

Decimated O-Line OVER Got Nine in at the University Club Before Warm-Ups

Directional Michigan (Team Two) OVER Three-Year Delayed Logo AND Uni Copiers

GameDay Signs that Went Over Joe Football Fan's Head OVER Lazy Noisemakers

Falsely Accused Racists OVER Ski Room in the Team Offices

Someone Must Still Be Sending the "VIP Connection" to Opponents OVER We Ripped off the Thundercats but Claim It Was the Hawkeyes

Calipari Killers OVER Directional Michigan (Team C)

Players Taking Plays Off Is a New Thing Nowadays OVER Boeckman Who?'s

School Colors Fit for an XKE OVER Undead Reptiles

My Name Better Not be Pluralized on the Heisman OVER Non-Men Who Aren't 40

Canine on some Dusing Bro's OVER Crompton4StateFarmEmployeeOfTheMonth

12 in the Box OVER VIP Posse

Nike Should Start Making Crazy Looking Knee Braces OVER Should Have Made a Full Page Ad to Apologize for the 'Zona Loss

Fightin' Glassmen OVER J'aimais, Poor Bleu

Next Bungles Hire OVER Golden Locks Under the Golden Dome

WarCatBirds OVER You're Not Playing the Sons of Investment Bankers Anymore

First Inch on the Road to Redemption Covers OVER No Such Thing as "Vah-duh"'s

Tennesse H-E-Double-Hockey-Stick Givers OVER J. Crew U

Mormon Bombers OVER New -Culture that Gave Us "Infarto"-

Sproles Redux OVER Praying for the Next (COLLEGE) Ryan Leaf

Sour Napa Valley Grapes OVER Lute's Second Fiddles

Only Explanation for Orange and Brown is to Fool Cleveland Fans into Cheering OVER Female Mascot

The Reason Kentucky Will Never Wear Retro Helmets Again OVER Immortalized by Neil Young

Uni TypeFace with 'Tude OVER Soon to be a Folly Expansions

Former Home Of The Gameface OVER Only Show In (many, many, many a) Town

Golden Tokers OVER 450 In A Jacket

Banned Camp OVER Nittany Isn't A Color

Miami of Florida OVER Directional Florida (C-Squad)

The Hat OVER QB Who Lifts With the Linemen

Looks Like A High School Stadium—That Means a Chance of Walking Taco Availability OVER Utah State

Jonestown OVER Ugliest Throwback Unis in the History Of Sport

Lackadaisicals OVER Evangelical Enforcers

Biker Staches OVER Other Bluegrass Boys

Not as Memorable as Ragin' Cajuns Covers OVER Party Shirts

Ingenious Marketing Student Mascot OVER Letterman Whitlocks

Middle OVER Surprisingly Provincial Florida University

Ragin' Cajuns OVER Directional Texas (N-Squad) 


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