Tom Brady: Classy Move Defending Romo's Weekend Trip

BobAnalyst IJanuary 15, 2008

In his weekly Boston-based radio station interview, Brady showed an exuberant amount of class towards his Dallas buddy Tony Romo.

When asked how he felt about Romo leaving for Mexico with his girlfriend Jessica Simpson, he replied saying that it was just an weekend. Football players are allowed to do what they want to relax on the weekends.

"Everybody has lives," Brady said. "We work seven months, eight months out of the year. You still have a life to live. On the weekends you do whatever you do to relax and rejuvenate. It's not like they can go to the local eatery in Dallas and hang out."

He does make a valid point.

Do you really think that Romo can take Simpson around Dallas without starting a giant commotion? Especially after being criticized for her distracting him when playing several teams late in the season.

I think Romo made a good choice to take off to Mexico even if it meant being criticized. It was his weekend to do what he wanted with it.

Say you have a big presentation for a huge sale next Saturday. You fly to California for a few days and take a long weekend. Is your boss going to criticize you for that? Even if you have the days off from work? No.

Then why criticize Romo?

Romo has proved his worth to the Dallas Cowboys, he has really turned the team around this season.

He is a clutch player and he can make the big plays when they are needed.

So why follow him and criticize him about every move he makes with his girlfriend, Dallas?

Is the man allowed to have an off game or two? How about a day off?

As for Brady, that was an awesome answer to a question that might have had this writer writing a completely different story. Way to back up Romo. My hat is off to you! 

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