2011 NFL Draft: AFC North Draft Rumors and News (April 14)

Nick SeroCorrespondent IIIApril 14, 2011

Will the Browns go receiver in round 1?
Will the Browns go receiver in round 1?Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Cleveland Browns

Shake up in the First Round

The Cleveland Browns had their chance to sit down with A.J. Green yesterday, and it appears even more likely that the Browns will draft Green if given the chance at No. 6. Because it is looking more and more like Green will be gone before Cleveland has a chance at him, there is a general belief the Browns will instead take Julio Jones with the pick. The Browns would have to overlook some more glaring needs to take a wide receiver this high, but the skill levels that Green and Jones posses is far greater than any second-tier receiver.

Cincinnati Bengals

Trading for a Quarterback

There is a great deal of speculation that the Bengals could find their future quarterback via a trade and not the draft. This is looking less and less likely considering they can't talk to current players during the lockout.

One option is picking up a quarterback via the draft.

The Bengals probably won't go after a quarterback with their first pick because it's likely the top two choices will be gone by the time they're on the clock.

That doesn't mean they won't still draft a quarterback in the first round, however.

The New England Patriots are sitting pretty with two first-round draft picks near the end of the round. They could possibly trade one of those picks to a QB-needy team.

One of those teams would be the Cincinnati Bengals.

There has been a lot of chat on the rumor mills about the Bengals possibly trading up to go after either Jake Locker, Ryan Mallett or Christian Ponder.

Baltimore Ravens

Ravens to wait on a Cornerback

It seemed like the Ravens were set on drafting a cornerback with their first selection. The question was whether they would have the opportunity to draft Jimmy Smith or if they would reach for Brandon Harris. Now it is looking like the Ravens won't have a chance to grab Smith and are reconsidering the value of Harris late in the first round.

The Ravens now could move to best player available.

The Ravens are a good team and don't have any holes that are in dire need of immediate fixing. Even without a solid cornerback last year, the defense was Top 5.

There is some need for defensive line help in Baltimore and the first round is heavy on solid defensive line prospects. One idea now is that the Ravens could go best available and take a player like Corey Liuget or Aldon Smith.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Steelers drawing the line on first-round pick

The Steelers were another AFC North front runner looking at defensive backs in the first round, but they will likely be in the same boat as Baltimore and go with best available. The Steelers routinely go with best available in the first round when they don't see enough value.

This year, it looks like the best cornerbacks available at No. 31 would be Harris and Aaron Williams, both being a reach in the first round.

Instead, the Steelers may consider fixing their line issues on either side of the ball.

The offensive line isn't great, and the Steelers will either have to find a future right tackle in this draft or next, so Derrick Sherrod is certainly a possibility.

The Steelers also have an aging defensive line and will have to find quality depth for either Casey Hampton or Brett Keisel. It is hard to find a defensive end that can play in the Steelers' 3-4 scheme, so a nose tackle is a more likely solution. If the New York Jets don't draft Phil Taylor, he could be a Steeler.