SEC Beatdowns and Breakdowns: Week Seven

c dockensCorrespondent IOctober 8, 2008

Back by popular demand is my weekly breakdown of the beatdowns that will be occurring in the SEC. Last week I was 4-0. My scores were a little off in three games and a lot off in one game. However, the winners and losers were all correct.

****winners will be in bold


1. Tennessee 2-3 (0-2 SEC) @ Georgia 4-1 (1-1 SEC)

It is no secret the Vols have struggled this year. The fans in Knoxville are already calling for Fulmer's head. If there is anything Phil can do to take himself off the hot seat, it would be to beat Georgia.

Mark Richt and his Bulldogs are coming off a bye week after an embarrassing home loss to Alabama. Now they have Tennessee between the hedges, and they can't lose two big games in a row at home.

The bottom line is Tennessee is out-manned and out-coached, and they don't have the defense to stop all the weapons on Georgia's offense.

Georgia 38, Tennessee 13


2. Arkansas 2-3 (0-2 SEC) @ Auburn 4-2 (2-2 SEC)

Arkansas was shut down by the Gators' defense last weekend but allowed just 17 points to the Gators in the first three quarters. Arkansas showed they could play a defensive ball game against a high powered offense like Florida's until late in the game. Simply put, Florida just wore down the Razorbacks, using their deeper depth charts to keep fresh legs in the game.

Auburn is coming off a historic loss at Vandy and can't afford another conference loss. If Auburn loses here, then Ol' Tommy T. will be in the same boat as Phil Fulmer.

Arkansas will experience much the same thing this weekend as they did last weekend. However, I don't think Auburn will score as much as Florida.

Auburn 20, Arkansas 7


3. South Carolina 4-2 (1-2 SEC) @ Kentucky 4-1 (0-1 SEC)

Kentucky lost a close one at Alabama last weekend, a game that was closer than many, including myself, predicted. The Wildcats appear to be legitimate and will look to further prove themselves against the Ol' Ball Coach and the Gamecocks.

South Carolina bested Ole Miss last week thanks to a stellar performance by quarterback Chris Smelley, who they hope will continue to play like he did last week. South Carolina needs a big win here to remain relevant in the East.

Surely the Wildcats won't let South Carolina beat them in Lexington, will they? Kentucky wins this in a close one thanks to their defense.

Kentucky 17, South Carolina 14


4. Vanderbilt 5-0 (3-0 SEC) @ Miss State 1-4 (0-2 SEC)

This will be Vanderbilt's first game where they will not have to come from behind to pull off a victory. The Bulldogs are struggling, and if it weren't for Arkansas, they would be a lock for the worst team in the SEC West.

Vandy won't do anything amazing here, and they really won't have to—they just need to execute. Vanderbilt has two solid quarterbacks, a playmaking receiver, and a fireplug of a running back. In other words, they win easily compared to their other games this year.

Vanderbilt 24, Miss State 10


5. LSU 4-0 (2-0 SEC) @ Florida 4-1 (2-1 SEC)

LSU travels to the Swamp following a bye week. LSU is thus far undefeated and looks to remain so. Their one close game was against Auburn, who has a stellar defense, much better than the one they will be facing at the Swamp.

The Gators are looking to defend their house. They have already lost to Mississippi at home and will do whatever it takes to beat LSU and bring an end to LSU's perfect season.

This game will be LSU's first true test. This year's game will be another close one—like last year's matchup, it won't be decided until the final seconds, and it may not be decided until overtime.

LSU 38, Florida 35