The Tom Brady Report: Surgery Update

Alex PotterCorrespondent IOctober 8, 2008

From all of the reports I am getting into my office today, Tom Brady has successfully completed his surgery and all is well in Trophytown,MA.

I know there has been many unsettled feelings about what happen with the cheap shot and everything else but it is comforting to know that Tom Brady is now ok.

His return to the first couple of weeks of the 2009 regular season is questionable, but the reinging NFL MVP is tough and will definatly be rehabilitating that knee before we know it.

The Patriots have definitely felt the blow of that staggering injury by having to put in inexperienced Matt Cassel into the drivers seat, as we all know by now. The leadership shown by the veterans of the team really helped him accomplish career win number two on Sunday.

NOTICE: Patriots fans no need to worry!!!