Pro Wrestling History: Five Classic Rivalries Every Fan Should Know

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Pro Wrestling History: Five Classic Rivalries Every Fan Should Know

I recently posted a relatively well received ranking of wrestling's top 25 rivalries of all-time. Of course, any ranking is always open to criticism and suggestion, but I noticed two things about the reader comments.

The first thing that struck me was that there was a tendency among a few of those commenting to confuse an attempt at objective analysis with an assessment of personal favorites.

The second thing I noticed was a bias towards the modern era and the way in which certain feuds managed to stick in the minds of readers, when other more notable and far more historically important rivalries went unnoticed.

But I came to realize that I was guilty of some bias myself.

Though I tried to remain objective and consider the ranking from a historical perspective, I missed the mark concerning at least five great rivalries with which every fan should at least be passingly familiar.

When so many readers were in favor of a particular rivalry I did not list (HHH/Rock) yet never even thought to question the exclusion of others, I realized that I should have added those others but failed to do so because of an unintentional modern era and ethnocentric bias.

This list attempts to rectify that error in judgment and gives five historic pairings their rightful due.

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