Bob Gretz Interview - Four Games Down

Josh KnoxCorrespondent IOctober 3, 2008

I was lucky enough to get together with Bob Gretz again to ask him some questions about the Chiefs. Gretz talks about the Chiefs record, the QB situation, and Tony Gonzalez’s recent comments regarding the record he didn’t break last Sunday against Denver.

Kansas City Chiefs Football: What do you think of the Chiefs record so far and do you think it is a proper indication of where they are at as a football team?

Bob Gretz: I think 1-3 is a good representation of where they are in this rebuilding process. I think the disappointing thing for everyone was how poorly they played across the board against Oakland and in the first half against Atlanta. They could have played better football and still been 1-3, but that’s what happens with young, inexperienced football teams.

Kansas City Chiefs Football: Damon Huard look pretty good against Denver, do you think that if he continues to win that he will be the starter even when Croyle is ready come back?

Bob Gretz: Not if Herm is going to stick with his idea of developing a young team and finding out who can play and who cannot. Damon Huard is not the future of this team at quarterback. Whether Brodie Croyle is remains to be seen, but he needs to play. Look at it this way: based on recent history, there’s a very good chance that if he replaces Huard with Croyle, its only a matter of time before Huard comes back in. Same if he leaves Huard in; it’s only a matter of time before Croyle would have to play. Neither one of these quarterbacks have ever shown they can be a starter for 16 games.

Kansas City Chiefs Football: Branden Albert has now had two injuries and we are only four games into his rookie season. Some people now think he is injury prone, do you agree or disagree with this and why?

Bob Gretz: I think it’s a bit early to slap the injury-prone label on the young man. I hate to harken back to dusty old history, but there were people around the Chiefs (I’m talking coaches and player personnel) who thought John Alt was too injury prone at the start of his career and wouldn’t amount to anything. He only ended up playing 13 years and starting 149 games. Four regular season games into his career is a reach to tag him or any other player with a label.

Kansas City Chiefs Football: There has been a lot of talk lately about Tony Gonzales and his frustration about not breaking the all time record for receiving yards for a TE at home against Denver, what do you think about his comments?

Bob Gretz: I think Tony’s comments were ill-timed and should have been kept to himself. Ultimately Tony was upset because there wasn’t the party or ceremony he wanted. He’s still going to get the record, it’s just not going to happen in the manner he hoped. Hey, that’s life. The focus should have been on the end of a 12-game losing streak and the victory and not an individual record that still can and will be set.

Kansas City Chiefs Football: What players or events that have surprised you so far this season (good or bad)?

Bob Gretz: The Oakland performance was a bad surprise, just for the fact the entire team dropped the ball. As for the individual players, I think they really have played to form so far. They haven’t shown anything that would have been unexpected, either positive or negative. I guess that guy that has grabbed my attention was been LB Eric Walden, picked up on waivers after the final pre-season cut. This is a talented young man, who has already made a mark on the special teams. In practices, he’s becoming more of a factor on the scout team and that’s the surest way to get coaches to start paying attention to you. Reportedly some folks with the Cowboys were upset when Dallas released him and I”m starting to see why.

Kansas City Chiefs Football: Which players have stood out to you the most in these first four games and what players do you expect more from?

Bob Gretz: I think Tank Tyler has been the team’s best defensive player with Bernard Pollard a close second. Tyler is really disturbing things on the inside. Now, he must show he can do that consistently for 16 games. Pollard is starting to show the skills that had the Chiefs excited about him coming out of Purdue. He’s really starting to just play and not worry about being perfect.
I’ve expected more from Dwayne Bowe than I’ve seen. Now, some of that is due to the QB switching, but his drops in the opening game were troublesome. He may have been trying too hard. I expect to see more from him in the future. I also want to see more from Tamba Hali. Unfortunately, Tamba’s been battling a knee injury for two weeks now and he doesn’t get to practice, but plays on Sunday. Maybe the bye week will allow him to get closer to 100 percent, but I think the Chiefs defense needs more out of his spot.

Kansas City Chiefs Football: I have noticed on your blog that podcast are “coming soon”, and I know some out there are looking forward to these. Do you have a timeframe when these podcast might start?

Bob Gretz: I was hoping nobody noticed! My mistake was putting “soon” on the site. Hopefully in the next couple weeks we will be up and running. We’ve run into some technical issues with our platform that had to be overcome and we are on the cusp of doing so. I’ve got some good help, but essentially this is a one-man operation and I’m no geek. I’ve got to get help from real geeks and they have reel jobs. But, my pipes are ready and so is a nice docket of guests that will join me. Until we get the final geek stuff done, however, I’ll keep all that to myself. But it’s coming and hopefully soon.

Kansas City Chiefs Football: As always, thank you so much for your time we always appreciate it.

Bob Gretz: It’s always a pleasure to talk to Chiefs and football fans. Thanks for asking.

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Bob Gretz Interview - Four Games Down