Edge Retires From WWE: 20 Reasons Why He Will Be In the Hall Of Fame

Dan PowerSenior Analyst IApril 14, 2011

Edge Retires From WWE: 20 Reasons Why He Will Be In the Hall Of Fame

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    As you all know, Edge is now retired and he will no longer grace the fans with his presence in the ring. When we think about him, it's natural to think about the WWE Hall Of Fame.

    In his case, it's not a matter of "if" but of "when" he will be inducted. There is no doubt he will make it as soon as Vince McMahon thinks it's the best time.

    But, just in case there is one person on this planet who has any doubt, I made the following slideshow.

    I have seen a lot of articles about The Rated-R Superstar on B/R; it goes from tributes to lists of his greatest moments. I started to work on the current article as soon as I heard the shocking news of his retirement, but I had to put it on hold.

    Fortunately, what I had in mind was a little bit different from what I saw so far so I decided to give it a go anyway to continue.

    The following is a tribute to The Ultimate Opportunist, a wrestler who has put his body on the line for the last 13 years. He was not as flashy as some other legends, but it is probably what made so many fans loving him so much, no matter the storyline he was put in.

    I came up with 20 reasons that justify his induction into the Hall Of Fame sooner rather than later, as the leader of his class. So, with no more introduction, let's see why Edge is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

1. He Is the One of the Most Decorated WWE Superstars

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    With a total of 31 Championships, Edge is one of the most decorated WWE superstars in history.

    He is an 11-time World Champion, a 5-time Intercontinental Champion, a 14-time Tag Team Champion and a one-time US Champion.

    He became the 14th Triple Crown Champion on Jan. 8, 2006, when he won his first World Title against John Cena.

    He is also the 2001 King Of The Ring as well as the 2010 Royal Rumble winner.

    At the King of The Ring tournament, Edge defeated Test, Perry Saturn, Rhyno and finally Kurt Angle. To win his Rumble match, he last eliminated John Cena in a surprise return. 

2. He Is One of the Greatest World Champions in History

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    With 11 World Titles, Edge managed to become one of the greatest Champions ever. On 11 occasions he found a way to capture the Gold.

    To become World Champion, he defeated many of the best in the business. John Cena, Rob Van Dam, Triple H, Jeff Hardy, The Undertaker, Batista, Kane and Dolph Ziggler all lost the World Title against The Ultimate Opportunist.

    He always defended the Gold with panache and he especially proved it in the hostile environment that was the Elimination Chamber match this last February against five opponents.

    In the end, Edge reigned for an impressive total of 548 days as the World Champ.

3. He Is Mr. Money in the Bank

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    In addition to all his other accolades, Edge is a two-time Mr. Money in the Bank.

    With his experience in ladder matches, it only made sense he became the first winner of the Money In The Bank match at WrestleMania 21.

    He then cashed his contract nine months later against John Cena who retained in a grueling Elimination Chamber match. In the meantime, he carried the briefcase and used it as a weapon on many occasions; he has also put the contract on the line in a ladder match against Matt Hardy.

    Two years later, in 2007, Edge has put the hand on the briefcase once again, but by winning a single match against Mr. Kennedy who won the Money In The Bank match at WrestleMania 23.

    Then, on the May 11 episode of Smackdown, Edge cashed in the contract on a beaten-down Undertaker to become the World Heavyweight Champion.

    One of Edge's nicknames comes in part from the opportunities he never missed to become World Champion, and that is one other reason why he is a future Hall Of Famer.

4. He Is the Ultimate Opportunist

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    Edge earned the "Ultimate Opportunist" nickname for many reasons, including for what he did as Mr. Money In The Bank twice. He just could not let slip the opportunities offered to him when he attacked two of the biggest names in the business when they were exhausted.

    But he's also the Ultimate Opportunist because he never failed to take advantage of every opening given by his rivals.

    In addition, he never hesitated to use all means necessary to reach his goals or to exact revenge.

    For example, we can think about the time he used a cameraman disguise in a Hell In A Cell match involving The Undertaker and Batista. He attacked The Deadman from within the cell with a camera to cost him the match.

    We could also mention his masterful use of every kind of heel tactics. 

5. He Is One of the Greatest Heels Ever

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    As his Ultimate Opportunist nickname suggests, he was one of the greatest heels ever to perform in a WWE ring.

    He could generate heat like only a few others could. When he was not using illegal weapons while referees had their back turned, he used his relationship with Vickie Guerrero to gain advantages.

    Many will remember when Vickie, as the acting Smackdown! general manager, stripped The Undertaker from the World Heavyweight Championship belt after his win over Edge at WrestleMania 24.

    I rarely heard a crowd booing so loud after someone and it caused a huge wave in the Internet Wrestling Community (IWC).  

6. His Countless Classic Promos

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    His famous "Live Sex Celebration" on Raw in January 2007 is often cited as a highlight of his career, but he did so much more.

    From 2005 to 2007, he held many interview segments that were called The Cutting Edge. From that moment, he started to dub himself the Rated-R Superstar.

    His most notable use of the Cutting Edge was to mock Ric Flair and it ignited a brutal feud between them. The Cutting Edge made a short-lived return in 2010.

    He also won the 2010 Slammy Award for "Oh Snap" Meltdown of the Year for his attack on the Raw General Manager's laptop. It was a true classic moment.

    Edge's mic skills are often underrated, but he was one of the best to cut promos.

7. His Mind Games

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    Edge didn't steal his moniker The Master Manipulator. Either it was for his amazing in-ring psychology or in showdowns for big matches, he was able to pull the strings of his opponents like no one.

    A recent example of how great he was to play mind games was when he feuded with Kane in 2010. For a rare occasion, the Big Red Monster was on the wrong side of the mind games and Edge found a brilliant way to enrage him when he kidnapped Paul Bearer.

    He was also unmatched to use his relations to bug his rivals during his career. His marriage with Vickie Guerrero is the perfect example.  

8. His Charisma

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    Edge had an outstanding charisma. No matter if he was a heel or a face, he always had an amazing connection with the fans.

    His presence in the arenas through the years went beyond the buildings; even the viewers at home could feel his charisma.

    In other words, he was one of the few who had that mystic "it" factor that added a extra dimension to his performances. 

9. His Wrestling Abilities

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    In addition to his Spear to finish the job on his opponents, Edge had an impressive arsenal of moves.

    He was not the most agile in the business, but he could perform very decent dropkicks and a good variety of moves from the top turnbuckle.

    He was also a good mat wrestler and a respectable brawler. In fact, he had no specific wrestling style, but a good mix of abilities.

    He had many patented or signature moves, such as the Edgecution, a lifting DDT or the Edgecator, a reversed Sharpshooter.

    Finally, he popularized the Con-Chair-To with Christian and he regularly used it in hardcore matches or when he assaulted his rivals.

10. His Way to Sell Moves, to Put over Others and to Help Others

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    Edge was an ace to sell his opponents' moves, match after match. It's not an aspect we hear about a lot, but selling rivals' attacks is something crucial in the business.

    He often worked with John Cena and helped him a lot to rise to the top. Actually, the Rated-R Superstar is responsible for playing a big part in Cena's career.

    He has also put Vickie Guerrero on the map as one of the most despised heels of the last years. He also contributed to put Chavo Guerrero, Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins in the spotlight at the time of La Familia.

11. The Brood

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    Shortly after he debuted with the WWE in solo, as a lone and mysterious character, Edge joined The Brood, one of the most popular groups in history.

    He, Christian and Gangrel were an original and very entertaining stable of vampires. They didn't achieve much success, but they were a good draw and they had one of the most spectacular entrances ever.

    Following his run with The Brood, Edge & Christian formed one of the greatest tag teams in pro wrestling history.

12. He Revolutionized the Tag Team Division

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    With a record of 14 reigns as Tag Team Champion, Edge had many great partners. In addition with Christian who was his partner for seven Title runs, he also teamed up with Chris Jericho (twice), Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton (Rated RKO), Hulk Hogan and Chris Benoit.

    The Wrestling Observer gave him and his partners two annual Awards. According to them and to many, Edge & Christian formed the Tag Team Of The Year 2000; Edge & Rey Mysterio were in the Match Of The Year against Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit in 2002.

    Edge was always the perfect partner with his versatile style and he participated in some legendary TLC matches against The Dudley Boyz and The Hardy Boyz.

13. He Is a King of Extreme

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    Edge also became a hardcore legend with many no holds barred encounters. In tag team or in solo, he perfected the art of the ladder match.

    After all the hardcore matches he was in, it's no wonder why Edge had to retire due to injuries. He never hesitated to put his body on the line to please the fans.

    I still have in mind the unforgettable match he had with Mick Foley at WrestleMania 22. 

14. His WrestleMania Moments

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    As the legendary wrestler he was, Edge had his WrestleMania moments. His a classic hardcore match he won at WrestleMania 22 against Foley, with a devastating Spear through a table in flame for the win will always be remembered as a highlight of his career.

    His performance in an inspiring losing effort in the WrestleMania 24 main event was one of the best matches in The Undertaker's career.

    Edge & Christian were also involved in two of the greatest tag team matches in WrestleMania history. At WrestleMania 2000, the ladder match between them, The Hardy Boyz and The Dudley Boyz has set the tables for the new encounter at WrestleMania 17; that TLC match is mentioned on most wrestling fans Top 50 Matches Ever lists.

    And, obviously, he will always be the inaugural Money In The Bank winner, at WrestleMania 21.

15. His Entrance

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    Edge's entrance is without a doubt one of the greatest in WWE history. He had some variations with different songs, but the result was always great.

    There's not a wrestling fan who don't know Edge is coming when the words "You Think You Know Me" hit the speakers. This introduction is second or third behind The Undertaker's "gong!".

    Then there is his music. His latest song, "Metalingus" by Alter Bridge, fits perfectly with the character.

    If you add Edge's charisma to the mix, you have one of the most epic entrance ever.

16. His Loyalty and His Dedication

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    It's a secret to no one that loyalty is one of the most important things in Vince McMahon's eyes. But, beyond that, it's also very important for the fans who really appreciated in over the years.

    Edge never turned his coat and it was visible in his eyes that he enjoyed to live his dream of being a WWE superstar.

    He always had that spark in the eyes when he was working to entertain the fans. He never worked for any other promotion after he was introduced into the WWE by Jim Ross.

    And I have never heard a fan relating a bad experience with him. I don't think we will ever hear bad mouthing against him, even years from now.

17. His Reliability

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    His dedication to the company and to the fans had no limit.

    When he was not on the sideline to nurse an injury, Edge was always there to be a transitional champion when required.

    He was also always there when the company needed a last-minute main eventer.

18. His Unique Main Event Status

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    When he reached the top of the WWE in 2006, Edge remained in the main event picture until today. In only five years, he became an 11-time World Champion and he could be seen on the top of the card until the end of his career.

    He was not always under the biggest spotlight, but he didn't need it. He seemed to accept his role and it's a major reason why he is so respected by his peers.

    And when he was THE main event, he never failed to deliver.

19. His Exemplary Rise to the Top

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    Edge had a modest debut and his rise to the top followed a perfect path. The way he was built up made of him a legitimate contestant to the highest honors.

    He worked his way hard to reach the top of the business. He went from a mysterious loner emerging from the crowd to a pillar of the tag team division and from the middle to the top of the card.

    He accomplished everything, step by step, in 14 legendary years, in what we could call the Rated-R Era. 

20. He Was the Total Package

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    Edge was the total package. He was an amazing and unique mix between mic and in-ring skills.

    He had the "it" factor and everything else, from the resilience to the intensity, to become a legendary WWE superstar and a Hall Of Famer.

    He was all that and more.

    I know there are a lot of things I did not mention, but my intent was not to write a complete career retrospective or his biography. I simply wanted to pay a tribute to one of the greats the fans will miss

    I also hope to hear from you about him. What are your most memorable Edge moments? And what else can we add except that we will miss him?

    The comment section is wide open.