NBA Draft 2011: 5 Reasons Jimmer Fredette Will Be a Star

James Pearson@JKPIIICorrespondent IApril 14, 2011

NBA Draft 2011: 5 Reasons Jimmer Fredette Will Be a Star

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    There is a reason why there will be about 15,000 articles on Jimmer Fredette and whether or not he will become a star in the NBA. Everyone seems to have a strong opinion on how he will transition to the NBA.

    That and the rest of this year's draft class story lines are as compelling as the Barry Bonds trial.

    Jimmer had an amazing year, and if it weren't for a player getting kicked off the team they could have made a real run at the NCAA championship.

    With college behind him and apparently now going to class is not an option either; the question now is whether or not he will be able to produce at the next level.

    Here are reasons I think he will be a star at the next level.

1. He Can Shoot

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    From the overweight guy at open gym all the way to the NBA, if you can shoot the ball there is a spot for you on the floor.

    One of the concerns about Jimmer's transition to the NBA is his height, which is a valid one, but he is going to make up for that with his lightning quick release.

    Fredette can score in numerous ways. Off the pick and roll, in transition and he can create his own shot, which is crucial in the NBA. It's also why Adam Morrison is a 15th man.

    There has been talk that he isn't quick enough to create his own shot. Paul Pierce moves at a snails pace, but he has made his career creating his own shot using whatever he can to make up for his lack of quickness.

    Jimmer is smart and creative enough to be able to figure out how he will need to score against whoever the opposing team throws at him night in and out. He is also good at drawing contact and getting to the free-throw line. With the way he can shoot free throws, he should be able to stay on the floor during crunch time. Which is when stars are made. 

    While he is definitely not going to be able to shoot at the volume he did in college; he should be able to make the most of his opportunities.

2. He Will Get Better at Defense

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    Do you think at any point in his playing career anyone has told him, "Hey, look if you don't play better defense you're going to come out of this game?" It's not like BYU was losing games because he was a defensive liability, they just weren't really losing games period. 

    To play in the NBA he is going to have to improve defensively, there is no question. In college there wasn't much asked of him on the defensive side, but he was just doing what he was told to do.

    The last thing BYU needed was for Jimmer to get aggressive on defense and go for steals which would lead to him drawing some cheap fouls. That would mean he would be relegated to the bench. If he were on the bench, then BYU would be in some serious trouble.

    He did what was asked of him, which proves he is very coachable. Although I don't think too many players would argue with the coach if he said to take it easy on defense and concentrate on offense.

    He will need time to learn how to play defense, someone will teach him how to defend in the NBA and he is smart enough to learn quickly. He knows he has to get better and he will do just that.

    I don't think he will be able to guard the Derrick Roses' of the NBA, but who can really? He has a big body and will get stronger, if he just does what is asked of him to play team defense, I think he will step up his game enough to guard everyone that is asked of him.

3. High Quality Character

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    Well he'd have to be a high character guy in order to play for BYU, as we're all now aware of what you can get into trouble for there.

    How many guys have we seen drafted high, sign a paycheck and just collect their money sitting on the bench until they are out of the league? Jimmer is not the type of guy to do that. Not even close.

    Upon winning National Player of the Year, BYU head coach Dave Rose said about Jimmer, "I think that it's a great accomplishment, it shows how good his work ethic is, he worked his way into an All-American."

    He said nothing about how talented Jimmer is, just that he worked his way into becoming the top player in college basketball. With his work ethic and attitude, you'd have to think he would be willing to work to do the same thing at the next level.

    As sappy as his contract he signed with his brother about working to get to the NBA no matter what, that's the type of guy he is; he is going to do what it takes to be successful in the NBA.

4. The Media

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    No matter what side they're on, the media loves talking about Jimmer.

    Why else is Jimmer receiving all the pre-draft attention when there is another star player in the same draft, one that is coming off an NCAA championship, not getting nearly the same amount of notoriety on whether his game will translate to the pros?

    It's because Jimmer is a media darling.

    That is huge when talking about whether or not a player is going to be a star. Just look at Tim Tebow.

    The NFL is in a lockout, he was demoted to backup quarterback and yet I've seen more of him than NBA playoff promos these past few weeks. From Jockey commercials to FRS healthy energy fuels to whatever else he is sponsored by, he is becoming a star without having to do anything on the field.

    Anytime Tebow does anything, the media is all over him. Just imagine when Jimmer starts knocking down a few 30 footers, your grandma will even start figuring out who he is, if she doesn't already have a BYU No. 32 jersey.

    With the NBA seemingly desperate for a white American born star, don't you think the NBA media and marketing machine will do everything they can to make sure he is a star? And if he plays like I think he will, the marketing department won't have to work too hard.

    Everyone is going to want to tune in and watch him as soon as he gets into the pros, it wouldn't shock me if his jersey were the top selling as soon as it hit stores.

    The exposure will be there, all he needs to do is play well and he'll be as big as Mike Tyson's Main Event.

    Wouldn't surprise me if he had his own iPhone app before long.  

5. The Jimmer Effect

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    His intangibles are what is going to make him successful at the next level. 

    He led a BYU team, who let's face it, would have been a .500 at best if he weren't there, to a top 10 ranking and a 32-5 record. They also made a good run in the tournament, even as poorly as he played against Florida, it still took overtime to take them down which should say something about how he can lead a team.

    He has a high basketball IQ and a complete offensive game to go with his basketball mind,.

    He can handle the ball and has a crossover that is going to work in the NBA. He is a good passer and his offensive repertoire is complete enough, as he knows how to use his ability to get the job done by whatever means possible.

    I'm not sure as to why people harp that he only averaged 4.5 assists, no one in all of college basketball average more than seven. If the NBA were counting those assists, it would be more like seven a game, and when you factor in the caliber of players that will be on his team, I think his assist total will be just fine. His basketball knowledge and talent is too large to not be successful in the NBA. 

    NBA players better be ready to because they're about to get Jimmer'd.