Zack Ryder's 'Z! True Long Island Story, Episode No. 9' (ft. John Cena)

Angel CervantesContributor IIIApril 13, 2011

Another Raw has come and gone and once again Zack Ryder has been left off our screen.

Well, if you require your weekly dose of Ryder, have no fear, the newest episode of Zack's True Long Island Story has just been released.

I have recently caught up up with the previous eight editions and I have to say I came out of viewing them pretty impressed; I advise you do the same.

I have become a fan and a member of the Zack Pack and if you check them out, I'm sure you will too.  

Check out the short, but hilarious ninth edition here:

So what do I think of the video? 

Another very entertaining edition, even if it does feel really short compared to the other ones.

My favorite parts?

  • Watching Zack trying to get himself over.
  • His continued issues with his dad over John Morrison.
  • The shout-out to Edge.
  • Zack Ryder even manages to get John Cena (yes, that John Cena) on the show. Loved the reaction from both men. 

What do you think of the newest edition? What's your favorite part?