Our Broken Country

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Our Broken Country
Our country is in trouble and it does not matter who we elect in the 2008 presidential election, they will not be able to save us. If you are reading this, more than likely you have made your decision on who you will vote for. Also, you probably will not agree with what I have to say but hopefully it will at least make you think about it.

First of all, one thing you should know about most politicians is that they have two goals. The first goal is to get elected and the second is to stay elected. In order to get elected, a lot of money is required and that money comes from many people who contribute to a candidates campaign. Many companies contribute because they have an interest in that candidate.

Because elected officials have influence on who will get contracts to do work for the government (whether it is federal, state or local) companies who feel they have at getting awarded some of these contracts will donate to the candidate that is more likely to give them contracts. Also, some companies will give money to all candidates in order to play it safe. So what is my point?

Without the funding, candidates would not have been able to run a successful campaign so the first thing they have to do is to take care of the people who helped them get their so that those same people will be with them next time. For this reason, we have lobbyist who make a living persuading politicians to vote a certain way.

If you think lobbying is as simple as going to a politician and explaining why they should vote for a bill then you are out of touch with reality. These politicians are being contacted by parties from both sides of a bill. One side is telling him/her why he/she should vote for the bill while the other side is explaining their point.

More than likely, elected officials will support the side that can contribute to him the most. When I say contribute, I do not mean it will always be direct. There is a lot of indirect contributions that take place which makes it less detectible for the public. If you think lobbyist does not have a huge influence on our country, take a look at the money spent on lobbying.

If that does not scare you then maybe this fact will.

Am I the only person who thinks that there is a problem with the fact that people in the U.S. are struggling to pay medical cost yet the Pharmaceutical and Health Care product industry was able to spend $1.4 billion in 10 years on lobbyist? What about the fact that the cost of health insurance is through the roof yet the insurance industry (as a whole) was able to spend a little over $1 billion in 10 years on lobbyist? Take a closer look at the top industries in which lobbyist focus on. Now think about the issues our country is facing. In the last 10 years do you think the problems our country faces has gotten better? Just know this, these companies are not spending this much money to make sure our best interest is being considered.

So what is my point? To be direct, the people of this great country has lost control. You can support any candidate you want, but the truth is that once that person gets in office they will be influenced by something greater than the power of votes. In the end, it is people like you and me who get the raw end of the deal. The government uses our tax dollars to bail out greedy companies. We are told how to live and what is the right thing to do, but only because if we live our life a certain way it benefits people who profit from it.

You work hard and contribute to a 401k all of your life in hopes of being able to retire one day. While you are working and doing the right thing, everything you worked hard for can be in jeopardy because a few bad decisions were made by people who have no idea who you are. In fact, those people can care less about you. We are told we need insurance, yet the insurance companies are protected to the point that there is so many technicalities in insurance policies that when you need them the most, it is not worth filing a claim.

There is not a president who can single handedly change the state of our country. If the people of this country doesn’t take action then we are setting up for failure. Do not fall for the promises and the lies, do not trust your government and remember that you are the only person who can decide what is best for you.

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